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The Miracle Come Back Kid

by on Jan.20, 2010, under Car Wreck Miracle Stories, Children Miracle Stories, Healing Miracles Stories

My story is actually about my son. On August 3rd 2009, my 12 year old son R. rode his bicycle through a red light and was hit by 2 SUVs. Against all odds my son survived.

My son lost; 1 kidney and half his liver, broke his pelvis, crushed 1 lung and lost 46 pints of blood through surgery(platelets, plasma, and red blood cells). My son has been nick-named “The Miracle Come Back Kid” by his friends and teachers.

Many good things have come out of this Miracle of life my son was given, such as; lectures on bike safety, interviews, commercials, blood drives, video, cartoon book, clothes line, and we were invited to go on the Maury Show. You can visit our website at http://www.miraclecomeback.com

I just wanted to share this with everyone. When you think you got it bad, someone out there has got it worse.

This miracle story was submitted by “B.M.” from WI.

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    A Voice Said “I’m Here.”

    by on Jan.19, 2010, under Angel Miracle Stories, Car Wreck Miracle Stories, Communication Miracles

    November 2, 2009 my best friend Charles was killed in a car accident. On January 13 2010 My four friends and myself (age 17) were driving around because we were bored. Everyone in the car was really close to Charles. At an intersection a van t-boned my car. By the way the van who it me was driven by a drunk driver and it was a hit n’ run. My air bags didn’t go off. I should be dead.

    I can’t remember anything but a voice that said “I’m here.” And I walked away with little injuries. That night I woke up talking to myself, and I believe I was talking to Charles. I remember waking up saying “But it hurts so much.” I believed Charles saved my life.

    This miracle story was submitted by “A.P.” from OH.

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      Car Spins Out of Control Across Freeway

      by on Jun.19, 2008, under Car Wreck Miracle Stories, Divine Intervention, Power of Prayer Miracle Stories

      I’m a single mother of two–a boy and a girl about one year apart. A few years ago, back in the Spring of 2001, I was driving home from the park where we had my son’s 2nd birthday  celebration.  My kids were in the back seat of my 1989 white Toyota Corolla. I was driving on the 405 North freeway from the 2nd to the slow lane. As I was driving, I had decided to change lanes so I could drive a little bit faster.  I wanted to get home quickly because the kids were cranky and I was tired from the whole event.

      When I was about to change lanes, on my right side I saw a gray Integra ( I believe ) that was going at the same pace as me and changing lanes at the same time. So I went back to my lane where I was going more slowly.  Suddenly my car jerked and started spinning. The steering wheel was out of control and I could not maneuver the car. All I was doing was holding on to my steering wheel.  I looked behind me and my kids were crying so loud, that I didn’t know what to do. I told them everything well be okay, and if this was our one last day of each other, that it was going to be okay.

      The car was still spinning. I looked to my front window and all I can remember was my car heading to the edge of the divider, where it was going out of the freeway. When I saw where we were heading to, I closed my eyes, and prayed to God, asking Him this one last time take care of us, to help us right now at this moment. Everything was happening so fast that I couldn’t even think anymore. After I had closed my eyes and prayed for help, my car stopped.

      I opened my eyes and I looked around the area and at my kids in the back, and I cried for joy. We were all alive in the middle of the freeway. All cars stopped and just waited to see if anyone was hurt. Soon enough, three people came up to me and asked if everyone was okay, and all I said was “can I please use your phone?”  They checked on my kids, and smiled and hugged them that we were all okay.  Then a man came to me and handed me his phone and I called my dad to tell him that I had an accident.  He came and had someone tow my car.

      I never believed that a miracle could happen and it’s given by GOD, but now I believe.  I am grateful my kids are alive with me to this day. I know now that I do have something to accomplish in this EARTH, if HE had given me another chance to live.

      This miracle story was submitted by “J.A.” of CA.

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        God Was There

        by on Jan.19, 2007, under Car Wreck Miracle Stories, Divine Intervention

        One morning while driving in rush hour in heavy traffic going north on the Tri-state a truck with a trailer cut in front of me.  I wasn’t going more than 60 and I stepped on the brake to slow down and suddenly my car swerved to the left and then to the right and then spun around with cars all around me.

        I literally went across all three lanes.  I did not hit one car.  I was watching my car spin out of control and couldn’t do a thing to stop it! All I could do was grip the steering wheel and say Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God. I kept waiting for the impact of a crash.  I finally came to a stop with my car facing west across two lanes with cars headed north toward me.  I watched these cars stop one at a time and I felt like I was in a dream.  It was slow motion and unbelievable.

        I finally was able to get a hold of myself and pull over on the shoulder.  The tears were literally just rolling down my face and I was in a complete state of shock. I looked around and all the surrounding cars seemed to be pushed aside.   I looked up and said thank you.  All I know is that was a true miracle.  I did not hit one car and I wasn’t hit by one car.  I cannot believe it still.  It was THE most terrifying moment of my life.  I know without any doubt God was there.  There’s no other explanation.

        This miracle story was submitted by “E” from IL.

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          God Was Watching Out for Us

          by on Sep.16, 2006, under Car Wreck Miracle Stories, Children Miracle Stories

          It was a cold day in December of 2005 just 2 weeks before Christmas when I had gone shopping with my two daughters ages 3 months and 17 months and their grandmother.  We were shopping at a local department store.   As I came outside to put my children in the car, their  grandmother asked if I was going to strap the seat belt around the youngest one’s car seat.  I said no, its just 4 miles up the road.  After some disagreement we headed home.

          When I came to a sudden stop, the brakes went out.  The car was going to slide into the car in front us.   The only thing that came to mind was to try to make it in the driveway to our right.   As we tried to turn into that driveway, our car was hit by oncoming traffic going 65 miles per hour.   I blacked out.

          When I woke up the only thing I could think about were my children. I had to pull the youngest one out the window because the whole passenger side of the car was totaled. I was told that if  the youngest had been strapped in the way she was supposed to be she wouldn’t be alive today.

          Whats so great about this story is that I always buckled my children in the car and for some reason I didnt that day. When the impact if the other car hit us my youngest daughter’s car seat was able to slide over next to my oldest. I am so lucky that God was watching out for us and that no one got really hurt.

          This miracle story was submitted by “T” from KY.

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            Did God Take A Hit For Us?

            by on Feb.28, 2006, under Car Wreck Miracle Stories

            My parents got divorce about a year and a half ago and at the age of 17, I kind of turned to alcohol and my friends to make myself feel better.  Since my dad was verbally abusive toward me, I tried anything to get him off my mind.

            On January 20, 2006, a month ago me and 2 guy friends, Alex and Brad, [not real names] were on our way to Plato, to get some alcohol. We ended up staying at Steve’s house in Plato to drink.  After a bottle of vodka and Mike’s hard lemonade between me and Alex, we were feeling pretty invincible.

            Eric called us from Arlington, which is about 15 minutes away, and wanted us to come pick him up. So Alex and I got into my moms ’98 grand prix and drove to Arlington. After picking up Eric we turned around to head back to Plato.   As we were going out of town, Eric, who was in the back seat, recalled that I had the radio really loud and that I just floored it. About 5 minutes out of town was as far as we got. From what we know we were going about 95 mph and we hit the shoulder.

            As I tried to correct the car we lost control and skidded into the other lane and into the ditch hitting a field approach, going airborne and hitting a telephone pole on the drivers side 6ft off the ground. The car spun around the pole and landed on a driveway on the other side.

            I suffered a fractured vertebrae and Alex suffered a broken vertebrae but Eric only suffered a minor concussion.   The back seat on the driver’s side was pushed three fourths of the way through the car.  Had Eric or anyone else been sitting there, or had the car hit the pole any closer to my door, we would have died.

            I hadn’t gone to church much after my parents divorce. But the Sunday before my accident was the first time I’d gone to church in 6 months. My mom believes that God was riding in that drivers side back seat and that he took the most crucial hit to spare us of our lives. I’ve gone to church since then. And I thank god everyday that all three of us can walk and are able to go on with our everyday lives.

            Story submitted by “S.R.” in Minnesota on 2/26/2006

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