The Single Yellow Rose from Our Lady of Fatima

by on Oct.21, 2009, under Communication Miracles, Divine Intervention, Synchronicity Miracles Stories

I recently had had a very bad week and particularly an even worse day.  Anything that could go wrong did and I was feeling quite depressed.  I had been praying for my son to succeed in school, for our finances which were dwindling and for my own health. I suffer from MS and have had a lot of exacerbation lately.

I flopped on the couch that night and started flipping through tv channels when I came across a really old movie. What caught my attention was how poorly the movie’s quality was.  It was obviously really really old…..in black and white and poor visual quality…even so, something caught my eye. The movie was about Our Lady of Fatima..an old movie set in Portugal about three young children who see a vision of our LADY and receive instruction from her to gather people to come to the spot of her appearance so she may perform miracles.

Before I went to sleep I prayed to “Our Lady.”  I asked her to send me some kind of sign that I would know she had heard my prayer and would ask the Father to grant my requests. I had heard about people saying they would either receive a “ROSE” or come across one after praying to Our Lady as this was her favorite flower and she’d use it as a sign to show people she’d heard their prayer.

Upon my prayer request I actually told HER that it was October and I didn’t think it possible to show me a rose since the blooming season was now over…so I asked for some other sign.  What happened next is nothing short of a miracle.  I fell into a deep sleep. I was awoken by a single ring on my phone. It only rang once and stopped. I wondered if it had been a wrong number and went back to sleep.

When I got up the following morning and went to use my phone….there on my caller ID were the words…,”OUR LADY of FATIMA”. The exact words of the movie I had watched and to whom I had prayed.  I have to tell you that a small part of me wondered if there could be a logical explanation.  So under the name was a phone number. I imagined it was the Our Lady of Fatima hospital that is in my state. Even though I have absolutely nothing at all to do with that hospital I called there to inquire why someone might have called me. I asked to speak to several different people trying to figure out if anyone called me. No one had any idea.

I know now that “OUR LADY” somehow used that number to send me the sign that I had requested. Later that same day I was at my kitchen washing dishes and to my amazement…there right outside my window was a single yellow rose blooming on a rosebush that had withered up and died since early September.

This miracle story was submitted by “H.B.” from RI.

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