Dad Got His Sign

by on Mar.01, 2006, under Synchronicity Miracles Stories

My whole life has been filled with dreams that seemed right to me at the time. I never could go to college because I had so many interests I never could settle on one plan for my whole life. At age 23 I was starting to think I would always be nothing but a housewife.

One of my favorite ideas was to open up a restaurant with my father. We are pretty much the best of friends and we love cooking together and inventing new recipes. I am not a very healthy person.
I suffer from kidney disease, heart disease and asthma. The limits of my health frequently cause me to become discouraged.

This year I purchased a new home and had intended to sell my old one for almost twice what I paid for it. I live in a small town and my house is located right in the middle of the few businesses in town.

One day my father entered the city office and the mayor stepped out and asked “when are you and your daughter going to turn her old house into a restaurant?” (There is no restaurant in our town and people travel several miles to eat out.)  He just laughed and said “I wish”.   She said “seriously, it’s the perfect location and could be easily zoned commercial.”

The next day he saw a friend of his who used to own his own restaurant and casually told him how close we had been to opening a restaurant of our own. The man, who had recently closed his restaurant, told dad that just that morning the family had called a meeting and decided to sell their equipment, only a few months old, for less than half what they had paid for it. My father told me about it later that night and said that he had the sign he was looking for. I have a feeling that now, at age 23, my dreams may be about to come true, but I kinda knew they would all along.

” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

This story submitted by “C.W.” from AR

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