Wigi, Grandfather and Me Miracle

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My grandfather died of leukemia when I was 3 years old, I’m now 17.  Before this event that I’m about to tell you, I wondered every day why I didn’t get my chance to say goodbye.

My roommate brought home a wigi board one day and I freaked out on him.  I told him that I didn’t want it in the house because all it brings is bad (which I still believe to this day, with one exception.)  That night he told me to think of someone that I want to talk to… and instantly my grandpa popped into my head.  I called him to the board.

To make sure it was really him, I asked him what the nickname that he gave me was (he was the only person to ever know that other than my parents.)  The board spelled out “aunt gabby” and I started bawling.  We talked on the board for about 10 minutes more, catching up.  He told me that he’s always watching over me.

Then my boyfriend was asking him if he could levitate things, and my grandpa Ed said yes.  I asked him to levitate the board a little bit, so he lifted it 2 inches off the ground.  My boyfriend was egging him on to lift the board higher, and I begged him not to, so my grandpa set the board down.  I wanted to feel him, I wanted to be able to say goodbye, so I asked my grandfather to hug me, he said yes, and then I felt a tingly warm feeling all over.

Nobody believed me, so I asked my grandpa to hug my boyfriend.  He said no. I giggled and asked him to shake his hand, so he did.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen my boyfriend as shocked as he was then.  His eyes went wide, and I saw a smile form across his face, and he said to my roommate that he’d better believe it because it’s true.  Around that time I figured that I should let him go.  I said goodbye to my grandfather, and yet I can still feel him around me every single day.

comments: I’m not usually a super religious person, but this instance changed me…. Not to be a bible thumper who is always trying to push my religion on other people.  But it made my life better (even though I wont touch a wigi board anymore, haha).

This miracle story was submitted by “L.” from MT.

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