I Let God Have Total Control

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On may 28, 2008, my life changed. I became mysteriously ill. My whole body was swollen, blurred vision with swollen shut eyes to the point I couldn’t see, fluid all over my body. I was at two hospitals. In one of them, the medical workers made several mistakes with my care also causing a severe injury to my right arm and hand.

Their were several physicians and specialists working hard to diagnose my condition. All kinds of test, ultrasounds, scans, x-rays, but they couldn’t figure it out. From may 28, 2008 to august 12, 2008 was how long I stayed in the hospital. I was really ill and sick to the point where I didn’t think I was going to make it. I’m tearing up as I type because it was an emotional roller coaster but a spiritual journey.
Although everyone was puzzled about my condition, even me, I knew that the one thing for sure was that God, my Lord and savior was in control of my life. As I laid there in that hospital bed day and night, I prayed, meditated and spoke to God reflecting on my life, trials and tribulations.

I believe I had an out of body experience with a peaceful bright light pure moment. I made up in my mind that I was going to let go and let God! I started making peace and preparation mentally to God that if it was my time to go in his plan, I will trust him.

That being said, I knew my life had purpose and that he wasn’t through with me yet. When I let God have total control, I started to make progress and improve. Giving God high praise for His grace and mercy for me. All the prayers from family, friends the medical staff and complete strangers helped throughout this ordeal.

I don’t know why I suddenly became so ill that year, and doctors not giving me a diagnosis, but I trust God’s plan because I never would have made it without him and his son Jesus! There’s a saying that “God works in mysterious ways and he’s a miracle worker”. I know because I’m a living testimonial miracle, thank you God, thank you Jesus!

I just wanted to tell my story and testify to others to have faith in God’s plan! Thank you for listening!

This miracle story was submitted by “C.R.” from TN

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    The Power of Many Prayers

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    When I closed my eyes that evening I didn’t know I would spend most of that month fighting for my life. The story I want to share is the power of a prayer or maybe in my case the power of a hundred prayers. It was not until 22 days later that I was told the whole story by my husband, family and medical personnel. Here is the story that has truly been called a miracle by the nurses and doctors.

    It was Tuesday morning, and I was not in the best of condition. I was told that I would be placed on a respirator because it was inevitable that it would be necessary. At 8am I was sedated. The doctors and nurses struggled to place the breathing tube down my throat. They could not get the tube down my throat.

    They proceeded to try my nose and still had trouble but eventually managed to break through and successfully place the tube inside my lungs. My husband remembered the sound of the respirator turning on and all the beeps and thumping of the vent which now controlled my breathing.

    It was now Wednesday and the doctors approached my husband to inform them that they feel ARDS was affecting my lungs and there was a 80% mortality rate. My lungs were hardening and was not easily excepting the life saving oxygen. I was still struggling to fight this infection that had started to shut my organs down. The antibiotics were not helping and my system went septic.

    My lungs filled with fluid and my body swelled to 50 extra pounds of fluid. My eyes turned yellow. I was taken for exploratory surgery to rule out gallbladder concerns. I was poked and a sample of my bone marrow was also taken to be tested for cancer.

    My husband and coworkers along with some people I really did not know but who knew of me stopped in. Some asked my husband if they could say a prayer over me, others informed him they placed my name in their church prayer group to pray for me. Even some came and grabbed my husband’s hand and said a prayer. Cards with co workers names arrived as each mentioned how they will pray for me.

    It was Friday that my husband made a decision to send me to a larger hospital with better ability to get lab results back and a hospital with more specialist available to me. The doctors agreed and soon the calls went out. Suddenly I started to take another turn for the worse.

    My liver was shutting down, my spleen was enlarged, and last my kidneys were no longer functioning correctly. A nurse rushed in and explained to my husband that, my condition was far more serious and they would do everything in their power to keep me alive throughout the night. As they rushed platelets of blood in one after another my husband was told to drive to U of L hospital. Life flight was going to jet me to this hospital. I was rushed to my room and was being monitored throughout the night.

    I am not sure what came over me, other than a miracle. It was just a short 10 days when I woke up. My body lost 40 pounds of fluid, my tube feeding removed, my eyes opened, and my throat sore from the vent tubes. My body, so weak, unable to walk, talk, or use my arms or fingers.

    The doctors and nurse all stated that I was a miracle. No one really expected me to live. I have to believe, it was the prayers of so many friends, family and co workers, and even people who I didn’t even know.

    This miracle story was submitted by “M.S.” from MI.

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      Miracle Match – Mother and Adopted Son

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      I’m originally from is El Salvador. At the age of 5 months, on May 8, 1980, I was adopted by two loving parents from the United States. During the 5 months that I was in El Salvador, the country was going through its own Civil War. The orphanage that I was at didn’t have the necessities an infant needs to be properly taken care of. Therefore, my parents were sending money down to them so I could get that care.

      Unfortunately, the money was being used towards weapons for underground criminals. When my parents arrived to take me to my new home, I was very malnourished. I was very sick with various illnesses throughout my childhood because of this. My Mom was taking me to doctors’ appointments because of things varying from ear infections to strep throat. I even needed to be hospitalized for asthma. Not much was known about asthma back then, so many doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. My Mom would spend the day at the hospital with me and my Dad would come to the hospital at night. Every night they would sit in my hospital room while I slept.

      In 1985, my Mom found out that she was suffering from diabetes and needed to be on insulin. Twenty-four years later, she found out that her kidneys were failing due to the aforementioned reason. She needed a kidney transplant.

      Immediately, I told my Dad that I would be willing to donate my kidney to her. My parents, being the loving parents that they are, didn’t want me to go through a procedure like that. Blood relatives offered, but due to their own medical complications, they were unable to do so.

      I kept on pursuing to be tested in order to find out if I would be an organ and tissue match for my Mom. From July of 2009 to September of 2009, my Mom and I were going through many tests to see if this would be the case. In October of 2009, we as a family learned that my Mom and I were a perfect tissue and organ match.

      On Monday, October 12, 2009, we had the surgery. It was a complete success! The doctor said the surgery went very well and there were no complications! It is now over a year later, and the kidney is working very well!

      I like to tell everyone this story, not because I want to sound like a hero,(I believe God did all the work. I just volunteered) but because I want people out in the world to know that miracles do happen!

      Around the time that this was happening, my Dad emailed our local news station (without my Mom’s or my own knowledge at first). The station interviewed us on the miracle. You can view the video of the broadcast below:

      I hope everyone enjoys this miracle, just as much as I enjoyed doing this for my Mom!

      This story was submitted by J.S. from MA

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        A Living Miracle

        by on Jan.24, 2011, under Healing Miracles Stories, VIDEOS

        Here’s a video made by Carla Salinas who has been dealing with brain cancer almost half her life.  Most people with this type of cancer live less than two years.  Hat’s off to Carla and Circle of Hearts.org for their award winning approach to working with people with cancer.

        You can also see what Carla is up to on her own website FreshFromTheHeart.com

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          Tomorrow’s Promise – Life After Death

          by on Jan.22, 2011, under Communication Miracles, Divine Intervention, Miraculous Visions

          When I lost my mother, father and brother, my life changed forever. To those not blessed with a faith-filled heart these events my seem tragic and unimaginable. My faith in God revealed to me an amazing power at a pivotal time in my life, offering me comfort in a moment of supreme challenge. My story is a powerful message of hope and confirmation of why our faith is crucial to this life.

          My mother died at the young age of 39. She had breast cancer. I was devastated to say the least. I was only 12 years old.  This loss in my life  gave me the wisdom and courage I needed to proceed with my life. My faith remained close to my heart.

          Years later, I lost my father to kidney cancer and seven years after his death, my only brother died from pancreatic cancer. He was only 41 years old. At the time of my brother’s illness, I began to hear many messages from beyond this physical world. Messages of hope and love from my parents.

          They wanted me to know our loved ones that pass away remain connected to us forever, even though we may not see them. They wanted me to share my story with those who struggle with loss. And after my brother passed, I received many messages from him as well. He shared with me what happened to him after his last breath and that there is life after life. Death is not the end.

          Before my brother passed away, I witnessed a bright light shining through my window one early morning in my bedroom. It was the most blinding light I had ever seen. It was from a window, which faces a wooded lot–no streets or street lights or cars.

          I asked my mother what this light was. She told me it was a light from heaven shining upon you because you were not bitter or angry about your brother’s illness or death.

          I have many other messages to share and my story is available in a self published book, which I wrote and published last summer. It is called Tomorrow’s Promise
          by Mary Elizabeth Robinson.  The title words came to me in a message soon after I learned about my brother’s illness. I wrote down all my messages that I ever received. I woke from a sound sleep to hear the words and meaning of “tomorrow’s promise” and had to get up and write them down because it was so profound.

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            Witnessing The Stigmata

            by on Jun.06, 2010, under Christian Miracles, Divine Intervention, Miraculous Visions

            As an adult,  my life was not always so easy. I made so many dumb choices starting at about 18. In 1996, at 36, I was divorced and struggling with two kids. I had two jobs, but just couldn’t manage. So, I filed for bankruptcy, and moved into a close friend’s home. My dear friend, Betty,  was in her 80s and wanted someone she knew to live in her home when her family placed her in an assisted living facility. We’d made arrangements for me to buy it on a rent-to-own basis.

            I was working FT as a Para-Professional and was awarded a merit scholarship to the University of Toledo to get my teaching degree. It was so hard to juggle it all, and when Betty died, my chances to stay in the houses grew slim. Her kids wanted me to buy it conventionally, or get out. I was so distraught…there was nowhere for me to go, and I was in school FT living off my school loans. I had one last chance, and that was to get help from the Catholic Charities mortgage program (which ultimately denied me).

            It happened to be Ash Wednesday, 2002. I was driving home from that meeting realizing that I’d missed mass, too.  My frustration was beginning to build up. So many emotions consumed me, and while at a stoplight I grabbed the crucifix of my Rosary hanging from the rear view mirror, and I let God have it! I remember actually shouting through tears that I hated him for not helping me…for not loving me. I just couldn’t understand. I was so heartbroken, and angry.

            It was about a 5-minute drive home, but one that I will never forget. As my tears subsided, I put on my sunglasses so the other drivers wouldn’t see that I was crying. At the next traffic light, I noticed there were red droplets of what I assumed to be catsup on the crucifix, and I was annoyed thinking my son had squirted it on there. So, as I drove I tried to rub it off, and when I took my sunglasses off to inspect it, there was nothing there! The droplets only showed up with my sunglasses on. Then, I noticed where each was…on Jesus’ forehead, abdomen, hands, and feet.

            At that split second, I felt something was not right. What came next was so profound I still get overcome with emotion…all I remember is white light, so bright I couldn’t see to drive, and from it came the most profound feelings of love. I can’t begin to describe it, but all I can say is that I knew in my heart I was experiencing divine presence. I don’t actually know how long this occurred…time simply stopped for a few seconds. Then the light was gone, and I was in traffic.

            I was disoriented and shaking as I drove the short distance home. When I pulled into the driveway, my son Sean and his friend “D” came running out to the car. I’d forgotten I had to drive them to Karate lessons. They were late. I thought, “OMG! How could I act normally?!” I’d put my glasses back on so they couldn’t see I’d been crying, but those drops were still there (although they’d begun to flatten). I matter-of-factly asked the boys to look at the crucifix. They each said there was red “stuff” on it. They could see it! How?

            I had to force myself to act normally. How does one act when they witness a miracle??? My life had changed in a split second. “I” had changed in a split second, and I had to figure out what to do…how to act, what to say, or not to say. The red drops slowly disappeared over 24-hours. I came so close to going to my parish priest, but was afraid to. I have replayed this in my head for years, and it’s as if it has imprinted into my memory…every second…every emotion…even bits of memory of my surroundings.

            The desire to avoid scrutiny has kept me from telling many people, except for those who would benefit from it. I feel spiritually connected to those I do share this with. I seem to know when the time is right. I did find a deacon (now a priest in upstate NY) online last year when searching for reported visions similar to this (without luck), and he was very helpful.

            Actually, it’s what he said about witnessing the stigmata that I have just come to accept…”the miracle you witnessed I feel was very real and may have been a sign from God that you will go through much but not to doubt. You denounced God, and now Satan wants your soul.  This miracle was a true blessing, and you must never lose faith for Satan and his allies will prey on every weakness, every moment of doubt, every fear you have testing your faith. You will know what to do…spend your days in prayer and ask for guidance.”

            My life changed, but with many trials and tribulations that I would learn to deal with and overcome  Outwardly, I’m just like the person standing next to me at the local Wal-Mart, but in reality I am NOT like anyone else, unless I can find them. I kept it a secret for a long time, until a time would come when someone needed hope, then I would trust in God to give me the courage to share this experience.

            I think about this every single day even after 8-years. It’s like a re-run over and over again, but I go about my daily life as if nothing ever happened simply because it’s not meant for everyone to know, for obvious reasons (although I feel God leads me in sharing with those who need to hear it).

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              Miracles Are For Everyone!

              by on Apr.22, 2010, under Comments from Sally

              Welcome to MiracleStories.com

              Lots of people experience miracles every day in many ways.  We don’t limit this site just to miracle stories based on religious beliefs.  Please submit your written story In the form on the right.  If you have a video or picture to submit, please mention that in the comments section and we’ll email you for the links.

              You never know whose life you may change!

              Please scroll down to read miracles stories submitted by others.  We encourage you to leave a comment if you have been inspired by their story.


              Sally Sanford
              Owner MiracleStories.com

              Sally Sanford

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                I Am My Brother’s Keeper

                by on Jan.27, 2010, under Healing Miracles Stories, Power of Prayer Miracle Stories, Relationship Miracle Stories

                This is a true story that happened to my Phillipino friend, R. A., who lives in Saudi Arabia. I am forwarding his story with his permission. It is so beautiful that I promised him to share it. Thank you and God Bless you! He apologizes for his grammar and typos. I posted it in its raw beauty.

                25th December 2007, my brother Jojo from Iraq was calling me but I wasn’t able to answer it due to our customers. At 4pm that day I was calling him back but unfortunately the cellphone didn’t work. So I worried because no communication for 1 week.J

                January 02,2008 I received a message from the Philippines and they said that my brother got hospitalized and he had received major operation due to intestinal glands, liver and some parts of organs in his stomach. Due to lack of facilities in Iraq, the ambulance took him off to Aljahra hospital in Kuwait last January 01,2008 at around 5pm.

                So when I heard about what’s happening with my brother, I used to call my family in Philippines to find out if he was O.K. But I didn’t now because I didn’t want to worry my family, especially my mother, and cause them to think too much about the situation of my brother in hospital.

                I continuously called the nurses and the assigned doctor in his ICU, but they just said O.K., O.K. Everyone just said O.K. till 15th of January, 2008, when the doctor told me honestly that my brother was in coma and his condition was so serious that he could die at anytime.

                I just cried silently over the phone and I whispered to God to please help him and forgive and just take me first before my brother. Any bad news I received from hospital about my brother, I never told my family back home because I want them to think that my brother was in good condition and fully recovered and that at anytime he might go back home.

                But to be honest he was still unconscious. January 20,2008 I was calling to the hospital and the nurse told me that they needed more blood and they asked me to provide blood. I asked them how I could do that since I was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. So I called them again and again to get a blood donor from a Filipino or ask the blood bank to put it for my brother. Believe me Mercy I couldn’t sleep and work properly because of thinking so much about my brother.

                I kept praying, praying and praying. Then again I called them up January 22,2008. The nurse in ICU section was talking to me and she knew me already as the brother of their patient..I ask her softly again asking about the condition of my brother.. She said oh thank God because we provided blood for your brother. No need to worry for him.

                Ahhh .. I was in deep breathe .. and oh God thank you. You answered our prayers.

                January 25,2008 again I called and they requested for me to come to Kuwait because they needed me to sign the papers because they were going to open the throat and to put a tube in so he could breathe. When I heard this, I felt something like a thousands tons of steel.

                I told them .. please do something that you don’t need to put hole in his throat. But they said just try to come immediately if you can. I told them in loud voice I can’t go there and my boss is out of Saudi Arabia and he’s the only one can give me permission to go there!

                Then they talked softly and said, please…if you want to see your brother alive come and help him for what we ask (signature ). I just kept praying and I told all my customers,relatives and family and all passersby here in Jeddah that I need your help. Please…I’m not asking you to give material things. What I need is a PRAYER for my brother to recover.

                Also I e-mailed Arabs news paper (Saudi leading news paper) in Philippines and the TFC channel worldwide (the filipino channel)to let everyone know that I have a brother in the Al Jarha hospital in Kuwait. I don’t ask material things. What I need is only the presence of the people who read the news about my brother to give him a big support.

                Thanks to God, it worked. Now they no longer needed me to come to sign on the paper because there was no longer the need to open his throat. But I told my self I have to go with him and give him a big support because I visualized him alone in room and still unconscious. It was very hard for him.. And still I did not say anything bad to my family back home.

                February 01, 2008 I arranged by myself all the documents to go to Kuwait to take care of my brother for 3 weeks because my boss gave me only three weeks vacation. I really don’t care about the expenses. What mattered most was to see him and give him a big support. I went to Kuwait embassy here in Jeddah but they refuse to give me a visa. I searched for the email address of my brother’s employer and thank God I found it and immediately emailed them for visa. Believe me mercy within 3 hours I received a visa.

                February 06,2008 at 4pm, I traveling by SAPTCO bus Jeddah to Dammam for 21 hours in the middle of the dessert. But my confidence and determination and positive thinking and FAITH in GOD carried me through. I reached Damman terminal and the customs where they asked me for my original visa. I explain that I obtained my visa through the email. Then he looked at me and he said, O.K., you may go. You look like you are a good man.. Oh thank you God bless you..I immediately went to another bus going to Kuwait. Again it took 6 hours traveling. When we reached Saudi Arabia and Kuwait border, I was stopped by the two customs officials because my visa was not original. I believe they held me about two days because the one who had signed my visa had gone to Lebanon at that time..

                Oh my God, I said to myself.. we are in the middle of the dessert and there’s no coffee shop and rest. I was sitting there when a Pakistani family came to me and ask me where was I going. I told them I wanted to visit my brother and he was in Aljara hospital ..they said oh sorry to hear that. But what are you going to eat? I told them as long as there’s water it’s O.K. for me. I thought they had left for Kuwait, but they came back after 15 minutes and gave a bag of food. What a kind-hearted family.. I told them thanks a lot.

                Then February 9, a Syrian couple picked me up and gave me a ride to Kuwait City. I didn’t really know the place but I just kept asking and asking till I finally reached Aljahra hospital at exactly 9pm. My brother had just been transferred to ward section and that day he just came conscious. I saw that he was very thin and dehydrated. As I approached him slowly and he just opened his eyes and looked at ceiling.

                I spoke loudly and asked him three times, do you know me brother? He looked at me about 10 minutes then he cried and cried without sounds because there was something on his mouth. What did I tell you! I told you I would come to you to take of you, to support you and we really love you. Don’t cry out loud because I am your brother that will give you big support. And he was so happy when I told him those words.

                What I had read from the books I shared with him. Giving him daily massage therapy, helping him to eat, to walk, to talk again, to smile. And I told him we are guided by ALMIGHTY God, He’s the reason you’re back and recovered.

                I prayed in front of him night and day, bringing him fresh fruits, and giving him hot soup, etc. to get back his natural color and freshness of his skin. Before I left, they told me that everything’s going to be O.K. with you brother and that time I called my family back home and for the first time since he was in serious condition, they heard my brother’s voice.

                I was so happy for my brother and for my self because what I gave to him is from everyone, not only from me. I gave thanks to all the nurses and the doctor who helped my big brother and also the janitors and all the staff I saw in hospital. I bought new a cellphone for my brother and taught him again how to use it.

                I left Kuwait on February 26,2008. I gave thanks to God because of HIM my mission had succeeded. On April 04, 2008 I sent my brother back to Philippines and all my love ones out there were so happy and grateful to me. Now my brother lives happily with his family and my mom, too.

                Hope you understand it and I am so glad that I share this with you.. First time in my life to write like this because it is my own experienced. I called it about “LOVE and CARING”E. God bless us… I am always inspired by the love and grace of some rare people in this world. They truly angels in human form!

                This miracle story submitted by “M.R.” from MN for her friend from the Philippines
                Note: Some grammatical corrections were made after the story was submitted in order to insure that the heart of the story came through.

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                  The Miracle Come Back Kid

                  by on Jan.20, 2010, under Car Wreck Miracle Stories, Children Miracle Stories, Healing Miracles Stories

                  My story is actually about my son. On August 3rd 2009, my 12 year old son R. rode his bicycle through a red light and was hit by 2 SUVs. Against all odds my son survived.

                  My son lost; 1 kidney and half his liver, broke his pelvis, crushed 1 lung and lost 46 pints of blood through surgery(platelets, plasma, and red blood cells). My son has been nick-named “The Miracle Come Back Kid” by his friends and teachers.

                  Many good things have come out of this Miracle of life my son was given, such as; lectures on bike safety, interviews, commercials, blood drives, video, cartoon book, clothes line, and we were invited to go on the Maury Show. You can visit our website at http://www.miraclecomeback.com

                  I just wanted to share this with everyone. When you think you got it bad, someone out there has got it worse.

                  This miracle story was submitted by “B.M.” from WI.

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                    A Voice Said “I’m Here.”

                    by on Jan.19, 2010, under Angel Miracle Stories, Car Wreck Miracle Stories, Communication Miracles

                    November 2, 2009 my best friend Charles was killed in a car accident. On January 13 2010 My four friends and myself (age 17) were driving around because we were bored. Everyone in the car was really close to Charles. At an intersection a van t-boned my car. By the way the van who it me was driven by a drunk driver and it was a hit n’ run. My air bags didn’t go off. I should be dead.

                    I can’t remember anything but a voice that said “I’m here.” And I walked away with little injuries. That night I woke up talking to myself, and I believe I was talking to Charles. I remember waking up saying “But it hurts so much.” I believed Charles saved my life.

                    This miracle story was submitted by “A.P.” from OH.

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