My One Dollar Miracle

by on Apr.01, 2009, under Prosperity Miracles Stories, Synchronicity Miracles Stories

I had just started a new job 5 miles from my home. I had no car, so I would walk home every day which took me an hour and a half. One day I was so tired, did not want to walk, did not have a ride either, nor did I have any money to ride the shuttle.

So on that day I was walking in a field of just grass and I was wishing that I could get on the shuttle and that someone would give me 75 cents (this is how much it cost to ride shuttle.) A few minutes after that thought I looked down to the ground and there was a $1 bill !!

Oh I was so happy, then I looked up to see the shuttle bus pulling up on a corner about a half a mile from where I was. I must have ran like a track star to get to that bus! They were about to pull off before I could get there but I think someone yelled “somebody’s running!”

Now my belief about losing money is that “it will bless the person who found it”. I just pray I don’t lose too much money but I know it’s a blessing to someone even if it’s never returned in to me.

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