I Spoke With My Deceased Father While I Was In A Coma

by on Mar.19, 2007, under Near Death Miracle Stories

It was May 28th 2005.  I was having a normal great day.  My life seemed great as I was getting ready to leave for vacation with my wife and son.  Before we left I decided to take a quick ride on my new ATV my wife had bought for me.  Waving goodbye I never expected my life would never be the same in only 15 min.

When I picked up my neighbor he asked if he could drive.  As I sat on the back of my ATV,  he ran into a concrete pole going 50 mph. I woke up 3 months later to somewhere I didn’t know or understand.  I was told I was in a coma and I’d never walk or see again.  Hitting the concrete pole crushed my skull and reconstructive surgery was needed.

Somewhere between hitting the pole and coming out of coma I spoke with my deceased father and what he told me will forever be in my heart.  He said he loved me and so did God.  He told me to back home and raise my son as he raised me.  My surroundings were absolutely beautiful I didn’t want to leave but I did as I was told and opened my eyes to being in the hospital hooked up to machines keeping me breathing.

I   didn’t know my wife or son for the next month but slowly I started to remember.  Today I’m home…walking,talking,doing all the things the doctors said I’d never do.  The power of God was more than any of them knew.  Like in the bible when Job lost everything, he gave praise and glory and in return he received 10 fold what he started with. I too am receiving more than one man could expect.  I’m a true life miracle and one man who knows the truth is God is real and  I’m proof of it.

This miracle story was submitted by “D.B.” from WV

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