God Protected Me From Being Shredded By A Tractor Mower

by on Jun.29, 2006, under Children Miracle Stories, Near Death Miracle Stories

When I was six years old my dad was mowing the lawn and he had hooked up the wagon to pull us three kids (my brother, sister and I) behind him on his riding lawn mower.  My dad did this often and it was nothing new for us. He was always very careful and checked on us often.

When my dad was done he stopped the tractor and I stood up. When he had discovered that he missed a spot, he started up the tractor mower again and I fell out of the back of the wagon.   He backed over me not knowing I had fallen out. After realizing what had happened he drove forward flew off the tractor and to my aid.

I remember him grabbing me and taking me inside.  My parents had to cut my pants off of me.  My legs had been beneath the mower deck and my pants were shredded to pieces, my head had been beneath the rear tire of the tractor. When I went to the hospital the only injury I had was a bruised pelvis and it prevented me from walking for three days.

But with my body in the position that it was in, I should have been shredded and my skull crushed.  I don’t remember any pain.  The only thing I remember about being under the tractor was being outside my body watching my body be lifted off the ground and the tractor lifted away from my body.  I watched all this from away from the tractor!  God had protected me from being shredded and crushed.  With all the factors added together I should have died.

This miracle story was submitted by “B.H.” from PA.

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