My Son Was Cured

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I am catholic since birth, but an ordinary one till 35 years of age. I started reading the BIBLE with a Baptist pastor in my early readings. But I decided to read it by myself because I did not want to be accused or accuse others in misinterpreting the HOLY BOOK.

So I said “I will read Your BOOK, teach and I will follow. If YOU will not teach then I am not to be blamed, but if YOU teach then I will follow and blame me if I follow not.”

Few months of reading the HOLY BIBLE I felt that IT started giving instruction and started to make me a better person. It made me understand all religions, respect their ways–even the sinners.

Here is the crucial part that I have to cross, I FELT I HAVE TO BE IN A GROUP  OF BELIEVERS BUT WHICH GROUP SHOULD I BELONG TO SINCE THE BIBLE made me respect all all groups, MUSLIM, BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS, ATHEIST, BUDDHIST and all the rest. I even prayed with everybody calling to ONE SUPREME SOURCE of all that is GOOD.

Should I be with the BAPTIST? PROTESTANTS, PENTECOSTALS ONENESS, TRINITARIANS? IT WAS THEN WHEN THIS THING HAPPENED.   I said put me in a group where I can serve you better.

Then on the Saturday of that week  with all my six children and my wife we went to Catholic Church, SANTO DOMINGO, in Quezon City, an amazing thing happened. I say it was a miracle.

While we were inside the church on that Saturday morning after the Holy mass sitting on the pews I saw a heavy built bodied man walking towards the image of Sacred Heart of JESUS in a fervent prayerful manner, walking so gently.  He knelt and started embracing the image, after which he went back to his seat, walking so prayerfully.  I’ve never seen such mood like he had. Then looking back to the image I was surprised that the image was looking at me! The image was facing opposite side before.

I tried to check my vision so I asked my son on my left side to see where the image was looking, and my son said on the right side.  How come I see it looking at me on the left side?   To check again I asked my daughter on my right side the same question and she said on the right.  But I see it looking at me sitting on the left side.   How can this be?

Then I heard a voice say, “Take ABU, carry him and bring him closer to me.e”  My son ABU was sick then suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome.  I obeyed the voice,  carrying my son closer to the image of JESUS.   While walking and almost there, the left hand of the image touched my son’s head.

Maybe a coincidence because of my height and my son’s head next to the image–maybe that is why the left hand was in perfect height to touch my son’s head.

But I knew that something was happening. And my son was cured.

This story submitted by “J.G., Jr.”  in the Philippines

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