I Saw The Most Beautiful Light

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On July 17th 1990,  my abusive 1st husband and I got into a bad argument.  We both had our own Harley Davidson motorcycles. Mine was a show bike.  I had won many trophies with this motorcycle that had a special art on it and the name “destiny” across the top of the gas tank. Well I left the house due to the fighting because I  just couldn’t take the abuse anymore.

When I walked out the door the last words I spoke were “it can’t possibly get any worse.”  I yelled that to my husband before I ran out the door.  I got on my motorcycle and  just drove.

Less than 2 miles from home now, 11:00pm at night, I was on a main street when a van pulled right out in front of me and just stopped.  I tried to go around the back of the van, but it happened too fast.  I remember on the other side of the van was a male crossing the street so I thought it was either me or the pedestrian. I decided it had to be me.  I let the bike go.  My head hit the concrete.  I remember briefly being in an ambulance, then I was out again.

Then I remember briefly that I was in a hospital.  I heard all the voices trying to save my life, but i let go.  I saw the most beautiful light I had ever seen.  I felt no pain, no loss.  I felt a peace I had never ever felt in life.

Then I saw Jesus  put out his hand to me.  He was so beautiful.  I put out my hand to him, but right before our hands could hold each other, He told me it was not time, that I must go back.  I begged no….the next thing I remember was the ER doctor asking me my name.  I was so upset knowing I was back in life form, that I refused to answer the doctor.

After that I remember a priest talking to me.  I was told by my family I was in the ICU.   I was out of it again.   I did finally wake up, but still to this day I do not know the truth of how long I was in a coma.  My family did tell me that the doctors had taken them into a special room alone and they were told I would not make it because my head and face injuries were too severe.

After a month or more, 8 hours of surgery, 7 wonderful doctors, and seven steel plates in my head and face I am still here, and ya know what?  I even know some of the reasons now that I was sent back here.  It’s all so clear to me now.  I have been in law enforcement for a total of 19 years, and although my health is declining now,  I have helped so many people within the time from the accident till now and will continue to.

Oh yeah, the man crossing the street, my rear foot peg injured his leg very badly, but he was O.K.  And the white van that caused all of this left the scene….never to be found.  I don’t know how he lives with himself to be honest.  But  ya  know what,  I think of how other people out their have it so much worse than me, and that keeps me going.

It took exactly  1 year for me too heal enough to go out anywhere. Hhaving the strenth to pull through the accident gave me the courage to leave my abusive husband.  I swore to always be alone.  I just couldn’t trust men ever again. Well after 15 years of being alone I met the most wonderful man in the world.  Three  months later we were engaged, then married on July 15th,2005.

I still am learning  (every day of my life a little more)  just why Jesus sent me back here.  The ironic part is, my husband and I met only because of the tragedies that occured on 9-11, when we recieved our marriage certificate after being stamped by the county, the time it shows it was stamped is 9:11, we both took that as a sign, but ya know what? My greatest sign of all was the night I died.  It completely changed my entire life.  I wish I could shout to the world: ” if you just love God enough and do not hurt other people, ever lasting peace will be yours for eternity.”

This miracle story was submitted by “T” from IL.

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