God Blessed My Family With Miracles

by on Nov.02, 2009, under Christian Miracles, Healing Miracles Stories, Power of Prayer Miracle Stories

I was born in an Hindu family. I accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my savior in my childhood. I attend the church regularly with out fail. God has done many more miracles in our family and in my life.

The one miracle which God has done for our family is he saved my mom’s life from the curse spirit which possessed her for the past 7 years. She about to die in August of 2007 due the evil spirit and now she is alive by God’s grace.

Another miracle God has done for me is He healed my left leg and foot which were fractured in my school days in the year 1998. I was 15 years old when I prayed to God who promised that “the bone of the righteous person will not be broken.” I prayed to Jesus and keeping this promise, he healed me with his wounded hands without any surgery.

Thousands and thousands of thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ and I also thank god that he gave his salvation to our whole family. Praise the the Lord.

This miracle story submitted by “V.C.K.” from India.

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