The Power of Prayer Saved My Life

by on Jan.28, 2007, under Healing Miracles Stories, Power of Prayer Miracle Stories

On January 15, 2007 I had a hysterectomy at Loyola Medical Center in Maywood, IL.  The hysterectomy was very successful.  The doctor who performed the procedure is a top gynecologist at the hospital.

Just before I was getting ready to be discharged my gynecologist wanted me to have a cat scan of my lungs.  He did not like the way I breathing.  As I was laying flat on the table I vomited.  The vomit burned my lungs.  I was in ICU for six weeks.

During those six weeks I was put into a paralyzed state because everything that was keeping me alive was also making me feel very uncomfortable.  During those six weeks my kidneys shut down.  I was also on dialysis for one week.

At one point the doctors gathered my family around and told them that I might not make it.  At the end of six weeks I beat all odds and DID make it.  The power of prayer really works!  So many people were praying for me.

At the end of six weeks I went to RML Specialty Hospital in Hinsedale, IL to be weaned off of everything that was keeping me alive.  By March 17th I was beginning to finally know what was going on around me.  Up until then, I just remembered my niece coming to pick up my Mom after my hysterectomy.

I stayed at RML Specialty Hospital for four weeks.  After being in bed for ten weeks I had to go to a nursing home/rehab to build up my strength again.  I was in the nursing home/rehab for three months.  I am home now walking with a walker.  I truly believe the power of prayer is why I am here today!

This miracle story was submitted by “D.K.” from IL.

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