Jesus Restored My Amputated Leg

by on Nov.23, 2006, under Divine Intervention, Healing Miracles Stories

I was driving to the supermarket one after noon with my wife. It was the usual shopping day and we were on our way to the supermarket.  Neither my wife nor I saw the truck ahead of us and we plowed straight into it.

When I awoke I was in the hospital with my wife by my side. When the doctors came to speak to me they said I had been in a coma for 3 months and that they had to amputate a leg and that I had to stay in hospital for another week for examination.

After that week when I arrived home I went straight to bed to get some rest as it wasn’t very easy to get to sleep in the hospital as it was too noisy there.

Although I was still shocked that I had lost a leg, I was glad I was still alive. A strange thing happened a few days after. I witnessed Jesus Christ at the foot of my bed one morning. I wasn’t scared of him, rather I was more in shock at seeing such a miracle in my home.  He approached the side of my bed and told me that I shall walk again.

I went to sleep thinking of what Jesus had said.  I awoke later on that day and swung my self to the side of the bed to get into my wheel chair but to my disbelief  I had my leg back, exactly as it was before the accident. I tried to stand, but I was still a little shaky from the discovery and didn’t know if I had the strength to stand.  So rested thinking of what Jesus had said to me.

When I found the strength to walk down the stairs I walked into my front room and spotted my wife watching the TV.  I called her, and she spun around.  Then I saw the shocked look on her face.  She jumped up and asked me how, but I didn’t have an answer for her.

I told her that Jesus had visited me before the healing and that this truly was a miracle.

A few days later while I was in my front room Jesus visited again and told me that a miracle has been performed and to spread the wonder.

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