My Life Is A Consistent Flow Of Little Miracles

by on Mar.16, 2011, under Divine Intervention

No matter how much money I make or don’t make, God has always been there. I have [had many miracles happen to me,] but, in the end, this one stands out….

I was working for a pretty big company and had managed to get a DUI without losing my job. Of course, I still drank. After I was convicted, I drove drunk one night and ran off the road and totaled my truck. 2 cop cars were sitting right there watching the whole thing. I failed all the sobriety tests and was about to go to jail for a second DUI in less than 1 year. That’s 30 days and no license for a year in Georgia.

As they are getting ready to cuff me, a woman walks up and says that she knows me and that she can take me home. She was a friend whom I hadn’t seen in a long long time. As a third cop car is pulling up, they all agree to let her take me home and remove my truck the next day. No ticket. Nothing.

I told her I had prayed to God to save me after I crashed. She said she was told 30 minutes before the crash to sit in the parking lot and wait. She saw me crash. She knew what to do next.

Prayer doesn’t matter. God had taken care of the situation 30 minutes before my prayer.

God is in control, whether I know it or not.

Now my life is a consistent flow of little miracles. I don’t have to pray anymore. I just live out who and what I am. Good or bad is not relevant. Morals do not matter. I’ve done more good by being bad and have been given more good things when I am supposedly at my worst.

I’ve gotten raises by simply being myself and not being afraid to do things that may seem wrong to some but are right for me.

God matters. I matter. You matter. Amazing stuff that I don’t really deserve on paper…but I am so much the better person for it.


This miracle story was submitted by “R.C.” from GA

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    • Karen T.

      Your story is amazing, but how can you say prayer doesn’t matter? Prayer is a gift from God allowing us to communicate with Him. Morals don’t matter? How about thanking God through prayer for all He has done for you?

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