He Is Right There Watching And Protecting Us

by on Nov.18, 2006, under Car Wreck Miracle Stories, Children Miracle Stories

In 2003 my mom, daughter Kimberlee (who was 4) and I went to Walmart.  Then we were gonna go to Lowes to get some things for my husband and father who were at my house building a porch.  Lowes was just across the street from Walmart.  I was driving, my mom was in the passenger side and my daughter Kimberlee was in the backseat in her car seat on the drivers side (behind me).  As I approached the stop sign Kimberlee ask for some Pepsi, so my mom handed her the Pepsi.

I looked both ways and I didn’t see anything.  I proceeded to pull out and all of a sudden I heard a big BANG and glass shattering then a TERRIBLE JERK as my Jeep spun in one complete circle.  I was in shock “What just happened?”  I heard my mom say, “Oh My God Kimberlee”.   FEAR shot through my body and I was scared to turn and look at my baby.

I slowly turned to see that her car seat was now in the CENTER of the backseat. The door was caved in and that’s what shoved her car seat over. That is where the car I had pulled out in front of hit me, right on her door.  Kimberlee began to cry because she spilled her Pepsi.  Not a scratch on her!! Thank GOD she was okay.

The impact shattered the window of the door.   The odd thing is the direction my Jeep was slung in should have forced all that broken glass in on her, but it all went to the outside of the Jeep.  Can’t you just see her Guardian Angel there with her blowing that glass to the outside of the car?  I thank God for protecting us that day.  Even when we don’t have any idea bad things are about to happen, it’s so good to know that He is right there watching and protecting.

This miracle story was submitted  by “M” from VA.

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