God’s Hand Protected Me

by on Sep.25, 2008, under Children Miracle Stories, Divine Intervention

I am an 11 year old Christian boy.  I have enormous faith in God. I play baseball, football, and basketball. I love to swim and play any sport. I enjoy family time and enjoy making friendships. I have good grades. I pray daily.

One night when I came home from church I was riding on the back of our pick-up truck. The church is about a mile from our house.  My mom was driving.  When the truck came to a complete stop I jumped off and went under the truck to scare my mom by grabbing her ankles.  However, the motor was still running.

In the next few seconds while under the truck I heard the motor roar. I immediately sprung out from the bottom.  My mom drove forward.  I nearly made it all out, except for my ankle which got run over by a two ton truck.  My dad who was driving up behind us onto the driveway witnessed the whole thing. It all happened within seconds.

I was in excruciating pain and really scared.  My foot felt hot and crushed, I honestly thought it was going to be cut off.  I was holding onto it and praying for the pain to leave.  My dad jumped out of his truck and ran towards me.  My mom jumped out of hers and asked, “what was that?”  She then saw me rolling on the ground and grabbing my foot.  My father told her she had ran over my foot, but it could have been worse.  They both calmly removed my shoe and looked at it.

They asked if I could move it.  I  moved it back and forth, side to side and realized a miracle had just taken place.  It hurt much but I iced it.  My mom knew everything was fine but told me to warn her of any swelling or lack of movement. An hour later when I was no longer in fright, I wept and asked my parents to forgive me.

My mom told me to give thank and praise to God, for he’s an awesome God.  I could have been killed, but instead God spared my life.  She later took me in to the ER for observation and to avoid any medical negligence charges if it had to be reported.  The staff in the ER was in disbelief, they really didn’t think it happened like so.  I didn’t even get a bruise or a scrape.  They just said I was really lucky. I know it was God’s hand protecting me.

This miracle story was submitted by “G.P.” from Texas

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