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I Am My Brother’s Keeper

by on Jan.27, 2010, under Healing Miracles Stories, Power of Prayer Miracle Stories, Relationship Miracle Stories

This is a true story that happened to my Phillipino friend, R. A., who lives in Saudi Arabia. I am forwarding his story with his permission. It is so beautiful that I promised him to share it. Thank you and God Bless you! He apologizes for his grammar and typos. I posted it in its raw beauty.

25th December 2007, my brother Jojo from Iraq was calling me but I wasn’t able to answer it due to our customers. At 4pm that day I was calling him back but unfortunately the cellphone didn’t work. So I worried because no communication for 1 week.J

January 02,2008 I received a message from the Philippines and they said that my brother got hospitalized and he had received major operation due to intestinal glands, liver and some parts of organs in his stomach. Due to lack of facilities in Iraq, the ambulance took him off to Aljahra hospital in Kuwait last January 01,2008 at around 5pm.

So when I heard about what’s happening with my brother, I used to call my family in Philippines to find out if he was O.K. But I didn’t now because I didn’t want to worry my family, especially my mother, and cause them to think too much about the situation of my brother in hospital.

I continuously called the nurses and the assigned doctor in his ICU, but they just said O.K., O.K. Everyone just said O.K. till 15th of January, 2008, when the doctor told me honestly that my brother was in coma and his condition was so serious that he could die at anytime.

I just cried silently over the phone and I whispered to God to please help him and forgive and just take me first before my brother. Any bad news I received from hospital about my brother, I never told my family back home because I want them to think that my brother was in good condition and fully recovered and that at anytime he might go back home.

But to be honest he was still unconscious. January 20,2008 I was calling to the hospital and the nurse told me that they needed more blood and they asked me to provide blood. I asked them how I could do that since I was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. So I called them again and again to get a blood donor from a Filipino or ask the blood bank to put it for my brother. Believe me Mercy I couldn’t sleep and work properly because of thinking so much about my brother.

I kept praying, praying and praying. Then again I called them up January 22,2008. The nurse in ICU section was talking to me and she knew me already as the brother of their patient..I ask her softly again asking about the condition of my brother.. She said oh thank God because we provided blood for your brother. No need to worry for him.

Ahhh .. I was in deep breathe .. and oh God thank you. You answered our prayers.

January 25,2008 again I called and they requested for me to come to Kuwait because they needed me to sign the papers because they were going to open the throat and to put a tube in so he could breathe. When I heard this, I felt something like a thousands tons of steel.

I told them .. please do something that you don’t need to put hole in his throat. But they said just try to come immediately if you can. I told them in loud voice I can’t go there and my boss is out of Saudi Arabia and he’s the only one can give me permission to go there!

Then they talked softly and said, please…if you want to see your brother alive come and help him for what we ask (signature ). I just kept praying and I told all my customers,relatives and family and all passersby here in Jeddah that I need your help. Please…I’m not asking you to give material things. What I need is a PRAYER for my brother to recover.

Also I e-mailed Arabs news paper (Saudi leading news paper) in Philippines and the TFC channel worldwide (the filipino channel)to let everyone know that I have a brother in the Al Jarha hospital in Kuwait. I don’t ask material things. What I need is only the presence of the people who read the news about my brother to give him a big support.

Thanks to God, it worked. Now they no longer needed me to come to sign on the paper because there was no longer the need to open his throat. But I told my self I have to go with him and give him a big support because I visualized him alone in room and still unconscious. It was very hard for him.. And still I did not say anything bad to my family back home.

February 01, 2008 I arranged by myself all the documents to go to Kuwait to take care of my brother for 3 weeks because my boss gave me only three weeks vacation. I really don’t care about the expenses. What mattered most was to see him and give him a big support. I went to Kuwait embassy here in Jeddah but they refuse to give me a visa. I searched for the email address of my brother’s employer and thank God I found it and immediately emailed them for visa. Believe me mercy within 3 hours I received a visa.

February 06,2008 at 4pm, I traveling by SAPTCO bus Jeddah to Dammam for 21 hours in the middle of the dessert. But my confidence and determination and positive thinking and FAITH in GOD carried me through. I reached Damman terminal and the customs where they asked me for my original visa. I explain that I obtained my visa through the email. Then he looked at me and he said, O.K., you may go. You look like you are a good man.. Oh thank you God bless you..I immediately went to another bus going to Kuwait. Again it took 6 hours traveling. When we reached Saudi Arabia and Kuwait border, I was stopped by the two customs officials because my visa was not original. I believe they held me about two days because the one who had signed my visa had gone to Lebanon at that time..

Oh my God, I said to myself.. we are in the middle of the dessert and there’s no coffee shop and rest. I was sitting there when a Pakistani family came to me and ask me where was I going. I told them I wanted to visit my brother and he was in Aljara hospital ..they said oh sorry to hear that. But what are you going to eat? I told them as long as there’s water it’s O.K. for me. I thought they had left for Kuwait, but they came back after 15 minutes and gave a bag of food. What a kind-hearted family.. I told them thanks a lot.

Then February 9, a Syrian couple picked me up and gave me a ride to Kuwait City. I didn’t really know the place but I just kept asking and asking till I finally reached Aljahra hospital at exactly 9pm. My brother had just been transferred to ward section and that day he just came conscious. I saw that he was very thin and dehydrated. As I approached him slowly and he just opened his eyes and looked at ceiling.

I spoke loudly and asked him three times, do you know me brother? He looked at me about 10 minutes then he cried and cried without sounds because there was something on his mouth. What did I tell you! I told you I would come to you to take of you, to support you and we really love you. Don’t cry out loud because I am your brother that will give you big support. And he was so happy when I told him those words.

What I had read from the books I shared with him. Giving him daily massage therapy, helping him to eat, to walk, to talk again, to smile. And I told him we are guided by ALMIGHTY God, He’s the reason you’re back and recovered.

I prayed in front of him night and day, bringing him fresh fruits, and giving him hot soup, etc. to get back his natural color and freshness of his skin. Before I left, they told me that everything’s going to be O.K. with you brother and that time I called my family back home and for the first time since he was in serious condition, they heard my brother’s voice.

I was so happy for my brother and for my self because what I gave to him is from everyone, not only from me. I gave thanks to all the nurses and the doctor who helped my big brother and also the janitors and all the staff I saw in hospital. I bought new a cellphone for my brother and taught him again how to use it.

I left Kuwait on February 26,2008. I gave thanks to God because of HIM my mission had succeeded. On April 04, 2008 I sent my brother back to Philippines and all my love ones out there were so happy and grateful to me. Now my brother lives happily with his family and my mom, too.

Hope you understand it and I am so glad that I share this with you.. First time in my life to write like this because it is my own experienced. I called it about “LOVE and CARING”E. God bless us… I am always inspired by the love and grace of some rare people in this world. They truly angels in human form!

This miracle story submitted by “M.R.” from MN for her friend from the Philippines
Note: Some grammatical corrections were made after the story was submitted in order to insure that the heart of the story came through.

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    On Fire for the Lord

    by on Jan.11, 2010, under Communication Miracles, Relationship Miracle Stories, Synchronicity Miracles Stories

    I was new Christian, on fire for the Lord.  Like so many “new” Christians before me, I was eager to make an impact on the world, by saving souls and spreading the word. But I didn’t really have any gift for teaching or preaching, or so I thought.

    I worked at a small grocery store in our home town.  I never saw anyone but the locals until one day the cash register needed to be repaired.  Business had been really slow and I was the only one working when the repairman came.  He was a pleasant looking fellow, with sad eyes. He looked as though he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. As soon as I laid eyes on him the Lord spoke to my heart, “Tell him about me. Tell him why you love me.”

    So I began to pour out of me all the love that God had shown me. The repairman  worked and I talked, all the while he never made a comment. I would pause from time to time to check with the Lord to see if I should continue to talk.  Basically for 45 minutes I talked.  Finally the repairman said, “I’m going to have to take this in to the shop.  I’ll bring you in loaner from the truck and then I’m going to tell you something.”

    “Oh boy,” I thought, dreading what he might say. The repairman returned with the loaner, hooked it up and turned to me and said,”You don’t know me and you don’t know anything about me but I’m a preacher at a small church in Stillwater.  I repair registers through the week to pay the bills but I preach on Sunday.  But lately, I’ve felt like I’m wasting my time.  Nobody’s getting anything out of my sermons. I felt like I was a dry river bottom rather than rivers of living waters flowing from me.

    So on the way down here today I poured my heart to God. I said if I’m suppose to keep preaching then you’re going to have to send me somebody to convince me. If not, Sunday will be my last day in the pulpit.  I was ready to quit.”  He paused for a moment, with tears in his eyes.  “You did it, you’ve convinced to continue preaching.  For that I thank you.”

    Through tears of my own, I watched as he turned and walked from the store. A great lesson was learned that day, it’s not hard to work for the Lord.  You need only to follow His lead and good things happen. God loves His children and he appoints their steps.

    This miracle story submited by “M.H.” from OK

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      Wigi, Grandfather and Me Miracle

      by on Nov.01, 2008, under Children Miracle Stories, Communication Miracles, Relationship Miracle Stories

      My grandfather died of leukemia when I was 3 years old, I’m now 17.  Before this event that I’m about to tell you, I wondered every day why I didn’t get my chance to say goodbye.

      My roommate brought home a wigi board one day and I freaked out on him.  I told him that I didn’t want it in the house because all it brings is bad (which I still believe to this day, with one exception.)  That night he told me to think of someone that I want to talk to… and instantly my grandpa popped into my head.  I called him to the board.

      To make sure it was really him, I asked him what the nickname that he gave me was (he was the only person to ever know that other than my parents.)  The board spelled out “aunt gabby” and I started bawling.  We talked on the board for about 10 minutes more, catching up.  He told me that he’s always watching over me.

      Then my boyfriend was asking him if he could levitate things, and my grandpa Ed said yes.  I asked him to levitate the board a little bit, so he lifted it 2 inches off the ground.  My boyfriend was egging him on to lift the board higher, and I begged him not to, so my grandpa set the board down.  I wanted to feel him, I wanted to be able to say goodbye, so I asked my grandfather to hug me, he said yes, and then I felt a tingly warm feeling all over.

      Nobody believed me, so I asked my grandpa to hug my boyfriend.  He said no. I giggled and asked him to shake his hand, so he did.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen my boyfriend as shocked as he was then.  His eyes went wide, and I saw a smile form across his face, and he said to my roommate that he’d better believe it because it’s true.  Around that time I figured that I should let him go.  I said goodbye to my grandfather, and yet I can still feel him around me every single day.

      comments: I’m not usually a super religious person, but this instance changed me…. Not to be a bible thumper who is always trying to push my religion on other people.  But it made my life better (even though I wont touch a wigi board anymore, haha).

      This miracle story was submitted by “L.” from MT.

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        Divine Intervention Heals My Broken Life

        by on May.20, 2006, under Relationship Miracle Stories, Religious Miracle Stories

        I want to spare you all the sad details so here is an outline only of my story.  As a child I was mentally and physically abused.  With 15 years of this baggage I entered my first marriage.  I married a woman who lived only for herself and hated everyone else.  Meantime I accepted Christ and became a Christian.  She could not live with this and divorced me.

        A few years later I married another woman who, like me, had been through mental hell but, sadly, she could not forgive people who hurt her.   At the beginning it was great and we had two great children but being human and still mixed up I made mistakes we all make and hurt her.  We separated and divorced after 11 years of marriage.

        Now I had the baggage of my childhood and two marriage disasters to add to my messed up mind.  During the years I had counseling but I needed to come to the place where God could really take control.  I met another lady who had a list of psychological problems as long as your arm including delusions, hypochondria, phobias etc etc.  I thought that with all my experiences I could rescue her- but it was nothing more than co-dependency.  I couldn’t cope.  She pressed all the wrong buttons and she broke me down and I was emotionally wrecked. I felt guilt shame and humiliation, expected no pity and got no pity.  Only a dear friend and his wife supported me throughout.

        Finally, all alone with serious loss of eyesight and no prospects but now healing big time in my mind through Gods amazing grace, I poured out my heart to God for an opportunity to start my life again with a clean page with my sins all forgiven just as He promised.

        One day walking along a lane in the countryside I decided to put my case to Him. I called out to God in tears and said Father You know I need someone to love I cannot live on my own.  I need someone to love me.  I have tried for years to do it my way and have failed dismally, adding sin to sin.  You know what I need. You know exactly the person I can love and make happy and you know exactly who can love me and make me happy.  I leave it in your hands.  If its your will you will provide.  But if I must remain alone so be it.  Above all, Father, no matter what happens, let me be yourfaithful and loving servant until the end of my life.

        I had such peace after that prayer and the comforting assurance He was going to answer that prayer.  He did within days.  God answered that prayer.  He brought me in contact with one of the loveliest souls I have ever met especially in character. She was in middle age, had never married and was a still a virgin.  But she lived in another country and the immigration UK laws did not allow her to come to the UK. This was something that proved me to the quick.

        My friends encouraged me to believe but it was very very hard to believe that God could work this one out.  I almost blew it.  But God did.  After a series of events that tested my faith down to the very bone marrow, He brought her to the UK by a way that my friends acknowledged as nothing short of a miracle It was an example of divine intervention.  He did it, not my way, but His way.  When God is is in control then, brother, nothing can stop Him from working out His plan, no sister, not even some of the toughest immigration laws that exist.

        My wife has a dear sweet loving nature and I can honestly say that I have never heard her complain.  If I unintentionally hurt her she just sobs and that is worse than me receiving a heaving beating.  It just breaks my heart and I resolve never to hurt her again.  We adore each other and have been married now for over three eyars.  It has been the happiest years of my life.  During this time irrespective of severe sight loss and with my wife’s support I have undertaken a degree course in Social Work and am just about finished.  God has provided and He does answer prayer but only when we give up on ourselves and let Him take over.

        To God be the praise and the glory!  Great is His faithfulness!  My life had been broken but God repaired it and is continuing to repair the remaining strands in the rope of faith that binds my heart to Him.

        This miracle story was submitted by “B.H.” from England

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