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Approximately 10 years ago, on a freezing July night, the cold, hard, truth hit me like a freight train. NO ONE WAS COMING TO MY RESCUE.

On our bedroom floor, my wife was giving birth to our son. He’d come so quickly that we had just called the hospital to tell them we were on our way. But we never made it out of the house.

The complication was he was breech; and when he had come out to his shoulders, the contractions stopped and he stopped coming. My wife and I stayed calm, but for all my trying I just could not get his head out.  While this was happening my sister had called an ambulance, but we were stuck in this position for about 15 minutes before they arrived and were able to fully deliver him.

What I didn’t realize was that the umbilical cord was obstructed and our baby was suffering from asphyxiation.  When he was finally born our boy was blue and his heart rate was 40 beats per minute when it should have been 140 beats per minute.  As the paramedics worked on our son, pumping oxygen into his lungs, with a hand pump, I went outside to talk to God.

I’d been studying faith at a local church for a while, and had achieved some small successes. One of the scriptures that has always impressed on me the most was Mark 11:24 “Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be though removed and be though cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he says shall come to pass, He shall have whatsoever he says.”

This scripture told me I had to take responsibility in the situation, and not wait for something to happen, but make something happen. I felt strength flow through me as I reminded God what this scripture said. I told God that I was not going to ask for anything but that I was going to take control of the situation. I had a strong belief that parents are supposed to protect their children, not just naturally but spiritually as well.

I also could not accept the idea that a child would be born just to die ten minutes later. After my conversation with God I felt fearless and determined. When I went back into the house the main paramedic pulled me aside and asked me if he could have a word with me. With a grim look on his face and.”   It’s amazing how quickly people will change their mind and come into agreement with you when you are clear and absolute about something.

Upon entering the hospital I repeated with conviction “No he’s going to make it, He’s gonna be just fine,” to any one that spoke to me. As I stood back and watched Doctors and Nurses buzzing around my son in a hive of activity, things became surreal. A smiling woman in a white coat approached, “You know when they called in, I thought they’d be bringing in a dead baby, but it’s a miracle, they’ve done a great job, he’s looking good.”

Of course our baby did survive. But the next day he was placed in intensive care. At a meeting with the head of intensive care, the Doctor explained to us that our baby was “fitting” and this was most likely because he would have suffered brain damage and organ damage due to the lack of oxygen he received during birth. At this point, once again I reassured the Doctor, “No, don’t worry, he’s going to be just fine.”

Because of what we had just been through, I thought there’s no way I’m going to start backing off now. About this time we were interviewed by the hospital psychologist, to see how we were handling the fact our baby would be severely handicapped. After the meeting my wife sneaked a peek at the psychologist’s clipboard and notes. Among other things, my wife noticed the statement “This couple is not prepared for failure.” It was not written as a positive statement, but I found it incredibly empowering.

The ward was divided into ten sections. Section one for the sickest babies and our son was in this section. Some babies are in section one for months and some never get well. However, within two days our son was in section three and in three days he was in section nine. Within another three days we were taking him home in absolutely perfect condition.

Since that time I have pushed myself to learn as much as possible about this incredible power that saved my son’s life. What I have learned I have applied to many different areas of my life. I have used this power to transform my near bankrupt, failing business into a thriving prosperous company that has allowed me an income that has totally changed my lifestyle.

I have seen this power make cancer and arthritis completely disappear from people’s bodies. I have seen it transform children with learning difficulties and sleeping problems into peaceful intelligent, happy kids.

I have seen it do many incredible, wonderful things in relationships, and every area of life. I believe this power controls the world, and I believe it exists for the benefit of mankind. I truly believe it’s the answer to every obstacle we face.“And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” John 8:32 Get Excited! It’s Time to Overcome!  For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. 1 John 5:4

comments: Shayne Hammond is a faith teacher and life coach who donates his time free of charge to assist those that know they are capable of achieving more than they are currently experiencing, but don’t know how to go about it. Please visit http://www.shaynehammond.com to learn more.

This miracle story was submitted by “S.H.” from Australia

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    Expect A Miracle and Prepare For It

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    I was at a crucial time in my life, in my marriage, in my spirituality and in my finances. God wanted me to learn to believe in his power of blessings and miracles. I prayed and fasted.

    I didn’t hope for a miracle. I believed in it with all my heart and soul. I knew it would come to pass that God would use me to be able to bless others. Before I received my financial miracle I made calls to churches to find out what their need was. Not knowing where the financial blessing was coming from, I knew that I must follow through what God wanted me to do.

    The negative thoughts were saying “you don’t have any money, your a liar to those pastors because you don’t have any money and your account is a negative.” But God gave me joy and peace now that He was in charge and all would come to pass.

    I believe in miracles. When God says prepare, do so. DO IT. I had to write out how I was going to spend the blessing and wrote everyone out their checks for when the deposit was to be made. Everyone was blessed and as it was written.

    Even when you don’t know how it will take place, do it without fear or doubt. I love you God. I was a nurse but now God has me spending my time with charity. I have a career now with helping people to know God is real and I am currently manifesting my business Protocol for Design.


    This miracle story was submitted by “R.P.” from KY.

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      Zero to Hero – Personal Transformation

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      I would like to share my miraculous journey that I had with various masters. I am 45 yrs old residing in the garden city, Bangalore INDIA for the last 38 years. I am a civil engineer and a interior decorator. I was born in a village near Mandya about 100 kilometers from Bangalore. I was not so healthy in childhood, as I had severe respiratory problems. I suffered a lot up to the age of 23. I studied in a local language kannada medium and was very mediocre in my studies, never even touched even a decent 2nd class.

      My father was an Engineer working for the Indian government and my mother a house wife. Most of my family and relatives had written me off and branded me as sick and dull. As we, are basically farmers and landholders, most of the people thought I’ll be a Drop-out and join farming with my uncles. My elder sister and younger brother were excellent in their studies. Everybody compared me with them. All this made me more of an introvert and I developed an inferiority complex.

      My father was transferred to Bangalore when I was 7 years old and that made my health worse. I could not cope with city students as they were more polished and conversed so fluently in English. I used to get severe asthma attacks and I was always on medicine. Life went on like this until I entered SSC somehow by grace of the Almighty.

      During these suffering years I started conversing with the Almighty and used to share my feelings. Some times I used to cry, wondering why this is happening to me. One day I was sitting in my room when I heard a voice from inside: “Prem, you can bring change in life, you have the power.”

      I slowly started getting confidence and become more studious. Believe it or not I got 1st class in SSC exams. This was the 1st miracle that I experienced in my life.

      My first experience with spirituality was when I was 16 yrs old. Mahashri Mahesh Yogi’s students came to school and taught my sister T.M (Transcendental Meditation). She taught me TM. and I was doing the meditation mechanically 10 minutes daily for a year or so. Our school was very near to Ramakrishna ashram where I used to go and meditate on a regular basis.

      My health still was not so good at that time. I used to have breathing problems. The whole night I would be counting my breaths and waiting for the morning to come. I had become weak. The mental and Physical suffering was always there throughout my engineering graduation.

      In 1986 I had a major vehicle accident in which my leg was fractured very badly. I was bed ridden for 6 long months. This was the Turning Point of my life. I read many books; Bhagavatgita, Buddha’s concept of Nirvana, Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends and Influence People”, Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, Books of Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi’s “My Experiments with Truth’.Paul Coehelo’s “THE ALCHEMIST” and many others.

      Then I read about the incident when Gandhi was thrown off a running train to the railway platform. Sitting on the platform he made a pledge to himself that he is going to fight this discrimination on the basis of color of the skin. A VISION was formed in him and I understand this was the starting point of the fall of the British Empire in India.

      This particular incident in Gandhi’s life changed my life. I decided enough is enough! I will bring transformation in my life. I used to meditate throughout the night since I was unable to sleep because of pain and breathing trouble. After I started walking, miracles started happening in my life, I was meeting right people at the right time. My intuition was working for me.

      Though my health was not completely good, I understood myself and I was seeking guidance from within. I decided to be on the spiritual path rest of life. Miraculous thinking was working for me.

      I slowly started working on weaknesses and converting them into strengths. I studied MBA in the evening college and I finished it successfully. I joined MILT – A Leadership, Public speaking, Human relations course. I used to read a lot those days. I was recognized wherever I went. My English was becoming better and better.

      Then I studied M.S. in Psychotherapy and Counseling in an open university. I got 1st class in that course. This was the biggest miracle I’d experienced. I could not imagine one day I would be so qualified to talk even to scholars and intellectuals.

      In the year 1988 I met management Guru Swamy Sukhabodhananda who molded me to become an inner winner and an outer winner. In 1989 I was initiated under OSHO commune, my sanyas name given was Swamy Anand Prem ( Swami means you are committed be on the spiritual path) and practiced many types of meditations such as Dynamic meditation, Trataka, Mystic rose, Sufi, Dancing meditation, Tantra, Kundalini, Vipasana (Anaapanasati), Gibrish, Nadabramha, Nataraja meditation, Yoga nidra , Tea meditation… etc.

      These Spiritual interests made me go to visit various ashrams like Swamy Muktananda ( Ganesh puri ), Swamy Ramdas ( Kasargod, Kerala ), Aurobindo( Pondicherry ) , Ramana Maharshi (Thiruvannamalai), Shirdi Sai , Sathya sai (Puttaparthy), EGYPT etc .

      I became more healthy, very confident and dynamic. I was doing well in my profession and also socially very active. I was married in 1995 to Bharathi Prem, an architect , a lovely human being who supported all my crazy adventures of self discovery. Now I help others by counseling and motivating them. I am part of others’ miracles now.

      I have always listened to the voice from inside. Every minute is full of miracles!

      This story was submitted by “T.K.P.K.” from India

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        No Coincidence!

        by on Jul.30, 2008, under Divine Intervention, Personal Transformation Miracle Stories

        On March12, 2008, Ii was walking out from school yard.  I  saw some male students pointing down at me from the third floor so I ignored them and continued walking.  I caught myself walking faster than ever and soon, another student was walking alongside me.   As I passed this student I felt a shiver and then a huge rock flew and struck the wall near us.  Ii felt as though my hearth had jumped out of  my chest.  In my mind I said it could only be a work of God.  It wasn’t a coincidence that the rock didn’t strike my head.

        After that I became a CHRISTIAN.  I am thankful for living to share that moment.

        This miracle story was submitted by “K.C.” from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean

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          The Lord Sat With Me In My Dream

          by on Jul.15, 2008, under Divine Intervention, Miracle Dreams, Personal Transformation Miracle Stories

          I have received many blessings in my Life.  The most recent is that I am free from cancer.  About four years ago my life was in such turmoil.  I was a single parent, unhappy and feeling unloved. It seemed that all day I would talk to the Lord.


          That night I had a dream.  In the dream I was sitting on the beach.  Next to me, with his arm around my shoulder, was the Lord.   We were looking out over the ocean together.  He had a white robe on and shoulder length hair.  At the same time I was also watching from the sky–the two of us sitting together.

          The dream woke me up with a feeling of such love–one that was so intense–and it lasted for about four hours.  As the feeling was slowly leaving, little by little each hour, my heart was just breaking.  But  I remember thinking “thanks Lord.  Now I really know what Love is. I know for a fact there is a God and a love like no other that waits for us when we leave here.

          If I ever feel down or unhappy, I think about this dream and it reassures me God is not only with me, but that I have been lucky enough to feel the greatest love in the whole wide world.

          This miracle story was submitted by “D.G.” from PA

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            Through God, All Things Are Possible

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            A month after I graduated high school in 2004, I was coming home from swim practice and was involved in a near fatal car accident with a dump truck. The impact of the crash violently ripped my heart across my chest, shattering my ribs/clavicle/pelvis, collapsing my lungs, damage to every single organ and failure of my kidneys and liver, removal of spleen and gallbladder, losing 60% of my blood, severe nerve damage to my left shoulder, and in a coma where I was on life support for over two months at Prince Georges Hospital Center in Cheverly, MD.

            I don’t have a memory of the accident, or the few days before the day of the accident.  The first thing that I remember after the collision, which is still so vivid in my mind even today, is being in this very large white tube.

            In this tube was a boy sitting to my left, and many other boys and girls on my right side (I use the term “boys and girls” because they appeared to be my age); I didn’t know why I was there or how I even got there in the first place.  The more I sat there, the more I was able to visualize my surroundings.  The boy to my left had a cell phone, and he asked me if I needed him to call anyone for me.  I told him “yes, can you call my parents and tell them that I love them.”

            The next thing that I remember is waking up in a hospital bed, chemically paralyzed and hooked up to all these machines.  Through all the buzzes and beeps going off from the medical equipment that was saving my life at that instant, I could hear my mom and dad telling me in between dramatic pauses of crying hysterically that I was going to be okay.

            Only moments before I believe I was waiting in line to meet my final judgment, but it must have not been my time.  Moments later, I had come back to life.  This was just the beginning of my suffering.

            I died eight times while I was in the intensive care unit and even when I woke up from my coma, I couldn’t talk or communicate. The day that they knew that I would live, was the day that I either left my room in a wheelchair or a body bag. As far as the future, it didn’t exist. Walking was never going to happen again due to all the extreme injuries and because of the shattered pelvis. The thought of swimming was just that, only a thought. Just like my body, my dreams were shattered.   But, I didn’t give up because I knew that God had a plan for me.

            After spending two months in a coma, 14 operations, 36 blood transfusions, 13 plasma treatments, I lost a total of 100 pounds and had to go to a rehabilitation center in Baltimore. I had to learn how to talk, eat, walk, shower, and live independently again. After that agonizing experience, I had to go to outpatient therapy in Waldorf, MD.

            After spending a few months in a wheelchair, I took baby steps to walk on my own.  It was a miracle that I could walk again, but I wanted to prove the doctors wrong and not only walk, but run.

            After I accomplished that, I wanted to get back in the pool again. After a few lung tests, I was able to go in the pool a little bit each week. Before the accident I had three goals: to go to college, swim on the team, and compete in an ironman triathlon one day.

            After a few months of swimming a few laps here and there with my training partner and good buddy, Sam Fleming, I decided that I was not going to let my injuries stop me from living my dream, and six months after that I began my freshman year at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and also was one of the swimmers to watch on the team.

            It’s very easy to go through and list these facts and make it look like everything just seemed to easily fall in it’s own perfect little place, but the truth of the matter is that it didn’t.  It wasn’t easy, not then, and not now.  The pain and the agony was real and it existed all the way through, in the good times and the very bad.

            It was not an easy situation to be in where you’re laying in a bed, staring at the ceiling, knowing that your life is over while your looking at a priest give you the last rights.

            I thought to myself over and over, why this situation had to happen to me.  I was always a good kid, received good grades in school, and went to church.  Why would something as horrific as this happen to me?  Why would God allow this?  I went on and on for days asking why?  And, then it hit me.  All that thinking and pondering on the what-if scenario’s and the questionable doubt only stirred up another question – why was I saved?  I didn’t have anymore questions after that.  I know what my purpose in life finally is.

            With the 50 year life expectancy I was given from the doctors, I am just trying to live each day to the fullest and motivate and hopefully inspire other people, in their lives and in the faith. I have been labeled on several occasions that I am “Lazarus-like” because God brought me back to life.

            To inspire even more, I just successfully completed the Steelhead 70.3 half-ironman race in Michigan a few months ago, and was also given the inspirational athlete media slot to compete in the 2007 Ford Ironman World Championship where my story and race footage was broadcast in the Ironman show premiere as the main feature on NBC on Dec. 1.  See video below:

            My story is about the recovery and the comeback, but I want to make it much more than that, I want to make a positive impact on the world. I am just trying to live each day to the fullest and motivate and hopefully inspire other people through my endeavors to never give up on their dreams, and to never stop believing in their faith in God no matter how bad a situation is because everything happens for a reason.

            I remember when I was still in my hospital bed in ICU, I would have my mom and dad push me around in my wheelchair to the other rooms in the unit to see the other patients and talk to them and their families; it didn’t matter if the other patients were unconscious or comatose because I just wanted to talk to them, especially since there was always that possibility that they could hear me.

            I wanted to let them know that everything was going to be okay, somehow things would work out for the best. I prayed with them, I said prayers for them, I tried to give them hope. I believe that my purpose in life is to bring hope to those who need it most and through my past accomplishments, I have been able to have the positive mindset to keep pushing through over all these obstacles and find my way in life.

            Besides the ironman and triathlons, I’m doing a lot of work now with motivational speaking, the American Red Cross as being a spokes model, as well as the Brain Injury Association of America, and possibly the American Heart and Lung Association because I feel that this is how I can use my story as a means of helping others.

            I competed in Kona, Hawaii in the 2007 Ford Ironman World Championship two months ago as the inspirational athlete media slot with only six weeks of training (in the entire sport of triathlon) and I was one of the main features on the 2007 Ironman show that premiered Dec. 1st. With Mark Allen as my coach, I plan on returning to Kona in the next few years on my own abilities to continue my life long quest of one day breaking the swim course record and hopefully winning the Ford Ironman World Championship. These are big goals but the saying goes, “Through God, all things are possible” and that statement is the story of my life.

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              Miracles Do Happen! I run marathons now.

              by on Sep.07, 2007, under Personal Transformation Miracle Stories, Sports Miracle Stories

              I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis in April of 2003.  Before then I was not very active and I didn’t like any sports that involved any type of running, like soccer or basketball.

              When I became ill I could not walk very well because my knees were very swollen and everything hurt. I found myself using the handicap restrooms.  I had never realized how important those hand rails are or even the height of the toilet seat, but without those modifications I would have had a more difficult time taking care of myself.

              Being unable to carry my four month old daughter up and down the stairs at our two story house was very hard to deal with and not being able to kick a ball to my six year old son at the park when he rolled the ball to me left a lasting impression in my heart that I will carry forever.

              At thirty four years old the rest of my life looked very challenging.  But for some reason about five months later I went into full remission, and luckily I had no permanent joint damage.  MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!

              When my health got better I decided to be a bit more active, at the time I was taking care of my kids as soon as I got off of work, and my wife was working late so I needed some activity that was the most time effective for me and running just made sense.

              I started with a run around the block, and made it about fifty feet before I became winded and started walking, I continued walking around the block never running again. The next day I tried it again, this time I made it about seventy five feet and then walked again the rest of the way around the block.

              With that twenty five foot increase in one day it was enough motivation to keep trying until I ran around the whole block without stopping. Build and build and stay positive. I kept running one block, then two, then three, than four and kept looking back everyday on yesterdays accomplishments to go farther the next day.

              Soon I was up to about 2.5 miles a day!  It was amazing what I accomplished in such a short time. I ran everyday for about sixty days and then one day on the internet I came across a marathon in Las Vegas on the famous strip.  The strip would be closed for the first time.  Running on the strip excited me, but I knew I was not even close to being able to run 26.2.

              I knew I needed great help in this endeavor and with that thought I went to the book store and did research on the internet. I was a little scared about my health; being in remission from RA, I didn’t know if such stress on my body would trigger a relapse or if my joints were strong enough.

              I purchased several books for marathon training and started to read them and I still had not made up my mind about trying 26.2. I decided to stick my neck out and I signed up for the new Las Vegas Marathon.  It was eight months away.  With book training alone I started the journey, following the training to the letter.

              But as soon as the long runs started to increase, my knees and calf muscles were too sore even with days off in between to continue at that training pace.  So I shortened my mid week runs to two five-mile runs and kept the long runs at the end of the week–the same as in the book–and it worked.

              I ran my first marathon in Las Vegas December 2005 with a finish time of 5:06:05.  It was the most uplifting experience in my life and to know the feeling of accomplishment for such a great task and all the challenges along the way to get there made the moment priceless for me.

              NOW I RUN MARATHONS !! December 2006 I ran Las Vegas again with a finish time of 4:13:41, and I  ran San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon in June of 2007 with a finish time of 4:35:40 and again I am doing Las Vegas Marathon in December 2007 where this journey first started.

              Now I am hooked. Staying positive along the journey and now looking back I know miracles do happen !!!  My running story is in a running catalog that runs in fall of this 2007).

              This miracle story was submitted by “F.B.” from CA.

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                The Lord Lifted Three Heavy Cloaks Off My Shoulders

                by on Aug.10, 2007, under Personal Transformation Miracle Stories, Power of Prayer Miracle Stories

                It was a beautiful autumn day, September 26, 2006, to be exact.  Usually that time of year is still very hot in Houston, Texas, but not this particular day.  The sky was Colorado blue and the temperature was in the upper 70’s with no humidity.  That in itself was a miracle if you know anything about Houston weather!

                It was my mother’s birthday and I was on my way to visit her gravesite.  My mother had been with the Lord for about a year and a half by this time.  About 2 weeks prior to her birthday, I found myself in the midst of major grief and depression.

                I knew where my mother was for she loved the Lord Jesus with all of her heart.  She taught all 10 of my brothers and sisters about the saving grace of Jesus.  Still, my soul was heavy laden with sadness and I would cry at the drop of a match.

                I drove myself to the cemetery and walked toward the grave and the bench we had placed nearby.  I began to pray to God and thanked Him for the precious mother that He gave to me.  I also asked the Father to give my mom a message for me.  I asked Him if He would please tell my mother thank you for me and to tell her how much I love her and miss her.  I also asked Him to give my mom and big birthday hug and kiss for me!

                I was still very weepy and sad so I began to sing some hymns of praise and worship.  I surely thought that putting a song in my heart and on my lips would lift me out of my despair but it did not.

                It was almost time for me to pick my son up from school.  I had been at the cemetery for about 1 1/2 hrs. singing and praying the entire time.  As I walked back toward my car, I was just as sad as when I got there.  I said to the Lord, “Please God, take this burden from me and replace it with your joy.  Where I have sadness, give me happiness.  Where I have brokenness, please give me your healing.  I thank you, Father, for receiving my mother into Your Kingdom and I look forward to being with all of you.  Please God, I cast this care upon you and ask You to handle it for me because it is much too overwhelming for me.”

                As I prayed and made my requests known, I felt as if a huge, very heavy cloak was lifted off of my shoulders.  The sensation was so real that I stopped in my tracks and turned around to look, fully expecting to see a this big, kingly cloak laying on the ground.  I remember chuckling out loud and saying, “Thank you, God.”

                Before I reached my car, two more “cloaks” were lifted off of my shoulders. I can honestly say that although I miss my sweet mother tremendously, it is well with my soul.  I have not had another hard cry since that day.  On my mother’s birthday, the Lord gave me a gift.  It was the gift of grace from El Shaddai -the All Sufficient God!

                This miracle story was submitted by “R.D.W.” in TX.

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                  The Voice said “Wait.”

                  by on Jun.23, 2006, under Christian Miracles, Personal Transformation Miracle Stories

                  September 10,  1996 was the day I found God, or, God found me, to be exact.  Prior to that date, I was a miserable person, who lived her life for a mortal, who, no matter what I did, or how hard I tried, was never satisfy.

                  For fourteen years I was trying to please this person (my step-father), but to no avail.  In the meantime, my mother was caught in the middle.  She has been mentally and verbally abused all the years she was married to him.  She would have left him a long time ago, but with the  little education she had, she didn’t know where to go.  So she stayed for her children’s sake.  She was miserable, too, and turned to alcohol to drown her pains.  Then she took her frustration out on me.

                  I had moved out after staying with them for four years ( I moved from Thailand to the U.S.) She would called and complaints of how we (my sister and I  )never did her proud, etc, in spite the fact that we had never gotten into any trouble, nor did we ever do drugs, nor did we ever drink, (with the exception of my brother).

                  By then I had just broken up with my boyfriend.  Looking back, I couldn’t blame him for leaving me.  I didn’t think anyone was capable of handling my emotional overloads.  I cried all the time.  My mom and my step-father didn’t realize what their verbal put down were doing to me.  My sister just blocked the whole ordeal out of her mind entirely.  I, on the other hand, was feeling depressed and contemplated committing suicide.

                  On the last weekend of August, my friend Lisa, who lives in Oklahoma, and has become a born again Christian, called me out of the blue,  inviting me to go to visit her and her children.  I said O.K..  Then I hatched a plan of how I was going to leave this miserable world of mine.  I was going to visit her for a day and a night, then I was going to drive off into the one-way traffic and get it over with.  I didn’t tell anyone about it, but left a note for my brother, who was sharing a house with me, to feed my two dogs.  That was all.

                  I made it to Lisa’s house, and as usual, she was trying to convert me to become a Christian (I was a Bhudist).  I was annoyed, but politely listen to her, all the while thinking, Oh, yeah, if your God is so great, then why did he allow all the war, poverty, and hunger to go on in the world?  I thought she had lost her mind.  We talked a bit more, then said good night.

                  I stayed in a guest room  but could not sleep.  The pain inside was too much to bear.  Then around mid-night came the thunder storm, which was not in the forecast.  It was loud, it shook the foundation of the house.  The lights went out.  Summer, the youngest daughter cried.  I saw Lisa walked pass my room with the flashlight to fetch the milk for her daughter.  I was wide awake.

                  Suddenly a loud, booming voice just came out of nowhere.  WAIT, said the voice.  It came on three times.  Each time “the voice” was accompanied by the lightening and the thunder, yet I could hear it clearly.  “The voice” was powerful, majestic, commanding, and yet loving at the same time.  I was scared.  I thought the house was haunted, and I thought that Steve, Lisa’s husband was playing a trick on me, you know, trying to convert me, but Steve’s voice was like that of Mike Tyson’s, so it wasn’t him.  I tried to find other explainations, but couldn’t.  So, I waited until daylight before ran out of the room into the kitchen, where Lisa was sitting.

                  I told Lisa of “the voice”, and that I was going to commit suicide that day.  Lisa got up and hugged me.  We both cried.  She said, “Panna, I think that was God, trying to communicate with you.  You should have got down on your knees and ask HIM what he wants you to do.”  I said, “Lisa, I was so freaked out, I didn’t know what to do, besides, why would GOD want to talk to me?  I’m not religious and I’m not even a Christian.”

                  She told me to trust her, that was GOD telling me to WAIT, for things will get better.  Then she and I said a prayer together.  The thought of committing suicide was gone.  I felt relieved.  I felt that I was loved all along. I just didn’t think of reaching out for that infinite and unconditional love.  I thought I could handle it on my own.

                  I drove home, feeling as if the mountain of guilt, burden, and misery has been lifted.  I felt free for the first time in a long time.  I was going to live my life for GOD, no longer for a mortal.  I forgave my step-father for putting my family down.  He didn’t know the pains he had caused, because he was not happy with himself.  And he didn’t know GOD the way his mother wanted him to know.

                  I stopped by to visit my mother that afternoon.  She had divoced him.  It took lots of courage from her, and lots of encouraging from us, her children, that she was going to be fine.  We’ll take care of her.  She is finally free.

                  In her divorce settlement, she got a 10 acres and cash.  She bought a mobile home and parked on the land, adjacent to her former home with him. He still stops by from time to time.  They agreed to be friends.  But he’ll never change.

                  The day I stopped by, he was in her living room, ranting about how she should live her life, how her children were going to abandon her, how she was going to be alone and become homeless, and how stupid she was.  She told him that someday someone is going to do to him what he did to her and her children.  He rants on.

                  I opened the door and walked in.  He turned around to say hi and excused himself out of my mother’s house, JUST LIKE THAT!  I didn’t have to say anything to him anymore. GOD did it all for me. I told my mom of the experience.  She apologized to me for the pain she had caused me and my sister.  I told her I forgave her and she is free now, and that she needs not to drink anymore.  Just ask God to guide her.  She did. I’m at peace with myself now.  There will be trial and tribulations ahead, but I’m not afraid, because I know GOD is looking out for me.

                  My step-father went on and married a woman from China, whom he met on the internet.  She was a corporate lawyer, and she is a control freak.  He has met his match.  KARMA came true.  My mom still drinks from time to time.  She goes to the temple more often now.  She still is a Bhudist at heart.

                  I became a highly spiritual person, not religious, but spiritual.  Four years later, I saw JESUS in my room, TWICE!!!  That’s another story.  Someday I will tell you all about it.  For now, GOD bless you, believers.

                  This story was submitted by “P.”    from AR.

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