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God Blessed My Family With Miracles

by on Nov.02, 2009, under Christian Miracles, Healing Miracles Stories, Power of Prayer Miracle Stories

I was born in an Hindu family. I accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my savior in my childhood. I attend the church regularly with out fail. God has done many more miracles in our family and in my life.

The one miracle which God has done for our family is he saved my mom’s life from the curse spirit which possessed her for the past 7 years. She about to die in August of 2007 due the evil spirit and now she is alive by God’s grace.

Another miracle God has done for me is He healed my left leg and foot which were fractured in my school days in the year 1998. I was 15 years old when I prayed to God who promised that “the bone of the righteous person will not be broken.” I prayed to Jesus and keeping this promise, he healed me with his wounded hands without any surgery.

Thousands and thousands of thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ and I also thank god that he gave his salvation to our whole family. Praise the the Lord.

This miracle story submitted by “V.C.K.” from India.

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    Long Distance Reiki Heals Gall Stones

    by on Sep.14, 2009, under Healing Miracles Stories, Reiki

    I am a Reiki practitioner, Reiki Master. I often get visions whenever I practice Reiki on anyone. Even though I had many Reiki experiences, this one took my breath away.

    I practiced on a friend, Diane, who found out that she needs to have her gall bladder removed because the doctor found two stones in there. She was in so much of pain so she called me. On my first distant Reiki with Diane, I saw the stone and I also saw something that looked like a prickly pear in her.

    I visited her for a second hands on treatment and explained to her what I had seen. Her third treatment was also a distant Reiki treatment. In this treatment I had a vision of a huge hand removing the stone and crushing it into dust. Diane, had the same time saw the dust and felt the breeze of someone brushing passed her.

    I called on the telephone and had such a wonderful feeling about the whole experience. I told her how I feld and that I did.t think she was gonna go for the operation. The next day Diane was admitted in hospital for a blood transfusion and removal of the gall bladder which never materialized. The doctor first did an ultrasound and could not see the gall stones. Being confused, he sent her for a CT scan. The second results also came back clear. There were no stones. The doctors could not explain what happen and felt no need to keep Diane in hospital so she was discharged. She couldn’t thank me enough. I thank God and the power of Reiki for her miracle healing.

    This miracle story was submitted by “S.G.” from South Africa

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      Sick Child Healed By Sai Baba

      by on Apr.26, 2009, under Children Miracle Stories, Healing Miracles Stories, Hindu Miracles

      I was just 5 or 6 years old when I got the felling of Shree Shirdi sai. In 2006 I went to Shirdi Mindir in Noida. I was ill so my mother took me to baba’s mindir for a blessing. My mother and my Nani were praying for my while I think everybody’s eyes were closed.

      I saw that some body came to me from the murti and gave me a blessing. He had “om” on his hand. I was confused as I did not knew who is god. My eyes wanted him. I searched for him in the whole mindir. I came home and drew his photo. Then my mother came to know that he was nobody but Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. She checked my fever and I had no fever.

      This miracle story was submitted by “G.T.” from India

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        Newborn Gets Double Lung Transplant

        by on Jan.30, 2009, under Children Miracle Stories, Healing Miracles Stories, Organ Transplant Miracle Stories

        I was born February 13, 1995 and when I was born, I had a problem breathing. The nurses didn’t know what was wrong. They did tests and a lawyer in Utah said he read an article in the newspaper about this rare thing. My birth or biological mom and dad both had recessive genes so they collided and made a glitch. The nurses tested my blood twice and confirmed that I had the rare thing. I was dying fast.

        So they said they could either do surgery or put me down. My adoptive mom and dad said they weren’t giving up. So they called every doctor in every state until they found one that knew what to do. They talked to the doctor in Maryland on the phone to see what they could do. The doctor said he had heard of it and the babies who had it got lung transplants.

        And that’s what happened. They rushed me from St. George, Utah to Los Angeles, California and got me to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. There is when Dr. Starns did surgery… a double lung transplant. The lung donor was from a baby who got crushed in a car accident. His heart went to another baby. When they say that the baby who was in the car accident is not alive.. it’s not true… he’s alive.. inside me. I’m still alive today and I’m a happy 14 year old. They said I wasn’t going to make it till kindergarten… but they were wrong… I lived.

        I don’t remember having the surgery or being born but I know that wherever I go, God is always with me no matter what. He’s always helping me whenever I’m right or wrong. I’m very lucky and I’m lucky to have great parents. My birth or biological parents couldn’t keep me because they were too young, but they chose my adoptive parents and I’m glad they chose them. Just being alive is my miracle.

        This story was submitted by “T.W.” from CA.

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          My Prayers Saved My Little Sister

          by on Sep.13, 2008, under Car Wreck Miracle Stories, Children Miracle Stories, Healing Miracles Stories, Power of Prayer Miracle Stories

          Well I am only 12.  My miracle story is about my little sister Samantha. She nearly died in January 15, 2006. She was  scootering down a hill when a speeding drunk driver hit my little sister.  The accident put her in a coma for about 1 month and then I had prayed and prayed for her. One day the Doctor told us she was having a difficult time breathing and heart failure.  So he said we would have to put her down.

          I screamed no and I prayed for her right there and then.  Her breathing started going normal and her heart was going back to her normal rate.  When she awoke from her coma, the first person she had wanted to see was me! I was so happy that she had survived that accident.  Each day she has had a really great time and is very thankful for every day she has. Right now she is asleep.  She is as normal as possible. I am very happy she had lived. That was my miracle.

          This miracle story submitted by “L.L.” from OR.

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            The Three Cuts I Touched Disappeared

            by on Sep.10, 2008, under Healing Miracles Stories, Miraculous Visions, Power of Prayer Miracle Stories

            My family are from Western Australia in the Pilbara region.  This is where my miracle happened in 1996.

            We have cyclonic seasons here.  It happened after a big cyclone, when the rain stopped.  My children Kasey, Pin’e Robert and my brother-in-law Colin and cousin Anna drove up to Mt Welcome a big hill in the town that overlooks the surrounding district. We all got out to view the scenery from the top.  My daughter Kasey was 5 at the time and cut her feet.  I saw the blood and prayed genuinely from the heart.

            I took my daughter to the hospital but the bleeding had stopped.  I was deciding whether to go in or not.  My cousin Anna said go in and check it out.  I went into the hospital and the nurse gave me a bowl of water to bathe her foot in the treatment room while she attended to another patient. My aunt was also a patient at the small country hospital.

            When we were at the top of the hill before we entered the hospital I saw one cut.  When I cleaned all the blood there were three other small cuts with the one I had seen.  The three other small cuts I touched with my finger and mentioned to my aunt (who was in the treatment room with me) that it must have been a big piece of glass because of the other three cuts.  The nurse entered back into the room and mentioned about the cut.

            I popped myself down, and now there was only one cut.  The other three I had touched with my finger were gone.  I went outside and told my cousin Anna and Colin what had happened.  I said I wasn’t going to go in until I heard you say go and check it out, she said she never said that, I said I heard you loud and clear.  I have never had anything happen like this to me before and it wasn’t a matter of life and death, but I still cannot believe till this day.

            My sister and I went to our local pastor and his wife that evening and they haven’t heard anything like it either.  The pastor’s wife grabbed my sister’s and my hand and prayed.  I told my teacher and some class students at TAFE where I was doing a course about Early Childhood.  My teacher is a Christian lady and she said Christ does miracles. I also told a nun who resides here in Roebourne, and she said you may have healing hands.

            I still don’t know what it is but I have watched the American program CSI and have seen where wounds go through 6 different stages and I don’t know why those cuts disappeared – but I know that I prayed genuinely, and when I prayed and saw the blood I was thinking of my sister who died in an car accident in 1988.

            This miracle story was submitted by “M.B.” from Australia

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              Prayer Healed Me From Hepatitis C

              by on Aug.15, 2008, under Christian Miracles, Healing Miracles Stories, Power of Prayer Miracle Stories

              In the spring of 2004 I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. After doing research, the only way I could have acquired this disease is when I was in the Navy 30 years before. I had a regiment of inoculations before going overseas to Japan where I was to be stationed. They used a gun that shoots the medicine into your body. This gun spreads fine particles of blood and is used over and over. I picked up the virus then and it was dormant in my body till 2004.

              I had 2 specialists confirm the diagnosis and I was set up for a liver biopsy to find out the extent of damage to my liver since this is an incurable liver disease. The Sunday before the biopsy, I was in my small group class at church and told them of my diagnosis and asked them to pray for me. The group leader sat a chair in front of the class and all the men in the class came up and laid their hands on me and prayed over me.

              During the prayers I felt such a comfort come over me and I knew the Lord was there…I could feel Him. The following Monday, the Senior Pastor called me and asked me if I could come to his office because he wanted to have the Elders of the church and himself pray over me. I agreed and went to his office the next day. We went into the Pastors conference room with all the Deacons and Elders of the church and talked for about 30 minutes. Then the Pastor anointed me with oil and all the Deacons, the Pastor and the Elders of the church all laid their hands on me and the pastor prayed over me. During this, I felt the Spirit of the Lord in an overwhelming fashion, come into me and cleanse my body.

              After the prayer was over I was in tears and told everyone in the room about the feeling I had. Several minutes later I left and went home. On Wednesday I went into the gastro-enterologist office and had my liver biopsy. When the results came back the Doctor told me that he had never seen someone healed from Hepatitis C but that was the case. He told me that I definitely had the disease but now I didn’t.  When he asked me what I had done, I proceeded to tell him about what happened at my church and about Jesus Christ my Savior. I have made a promise to the Lord that who ever will listen, I will tell the story of His power and mercy. How the Lord healed me from this incurable disease and will give Him all the glory.  I have had my blood tested every 6 months since this happened and I am fine…..no, I am more than fine, I am BLESSED. To God be the Glory!!!!

              This miracle story was submitted by “D.W.” from TX

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                Nothing Is Too Big For The Lord To Turn Around

                by on Jul.07, 2008, under Divine Intervention, Healing Miracles Stories

                After three years of having a excruciating pain threw my chest and being diagnosed with a pinched nerve, I began thowing up blood. After days of human mistakes,I was finally diagnosed with malt lymphoma (STOMACH CANCER).  THE DATE WAS 9-20-2006.  THE PROGNOSIS was very poor.

                I had a wondeful, caring doctor who first put me on medicine called a prepac. After 4 days, I remember waking up and thinking My God, so this is how I’m suppose to feel.  The difference was so great and the pain threw my chest was disappearing.

                By my third biopsy in January of 2007, I was cancer free.  I ask my doctor if this would be considered a MIRACLE.  He said, Diane you must have had help from somewhere.  As  of this day which is 7-07-09, I SIT HERE LATE AT NIGHT,JUST RECIEVING THE MEDICAL REPORTS, WHICH DO SHOW GOD SAVED ME.  FULLY CANCER FREE, in a matter of 4 months at that time.

                And I still have my own stomach without needing chemo.  The doctor told me his next step at the time was going to be to remove my stomach and start me on chemo.I know the Lord gave me this chance to help others and give them hope. There really is a God.
                I AM LIVING PROOF. I am not sure how to go about submitting my medical records to have it acknowledged. But this is where I am starting. God is with us. Have hope.  No situation is too big for the Lord to turn around.

                Thank you my Lord and saviour for my being here to write this today. Blessings.

                This miracle story was submitted by “D.G.” from PA.

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                  Miracle of Divine Intercession Saves Baby Girl

                  by on Feb.09, 2008, under Angel Miracle Stories, Divine Intervention, Healing Miracles Stories, Hearing God's Voice

                  After I left my abusive husband, I moved back to my hometown. I had no idea what I was going to do and needed to be sure my family and I were safe. I was also concerned about my children’s health, especially my baby who was just 9 months old.  She tends to become sick without showing any real symptoms.

                  After we arrived back to my hometown, something was amiss with here. I kept taking her to doctors and they kept telling me nothing was wrong. I woke up one Sunday morning, only to feel the coldest cold I have ever felt. Then I saw an angel standing to my right and was told to “leave *the name of my hometown.*”  His voice was so authoritative and so magnificent, I dared not disobey. I immediately started packing and since the next train was 3 days away, I had made plans to call some churches in case I need help en route to my destination.

                  When we arrived at a stop for an hour layover, I took my baby to the nearest walk in clinic. The doctor examined her and explained to me, she was only there covering for another doctor and that she thinks my daughter may have double phemunia. She also explained to me that normally they would send for xrays first then call the patient if any thing was wrong.  But in this case, she explained, she felt my daughter was very sick. She did give me a prescription for my daughter. I called a minister and explained my situation and they allowed me to stay with them for a few weeks.

                  A few days later, I did receive a call from the doctor’s office after they received the x-rays back. It turned out that my baby did in fact have double pneumonia and it was the type that could not be heard with just a stethoscope. My baby now is 21 and engaged. I thank god for the miracle of divine intercession especially for sparing my daughter’s life.

                  This miracle was submitted by “B.M.D.” from Canada.

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                    Through God, All Things Are Possible

                    by on Jan.03, 2008, under Healing Miracles Stories, Near Death Miracle Stories, Personal Transformation Miracle Stories, Sports Miracle Stories, VIDEOS

                    A month after I graduated high school in 2004, I was coming home from swim practice and was involved in a near fatal car accident with a dump truck. The impact of the crash violently ripped my heart across my chest, shattering my ribs/clavicle/pelvis, collapsing my lungs, damage to every single organ and failure of my kidneys and liver, removal of spleen and gallbladder, losing 60% of my blood, severe nerve damage to my left shoulder, and in a coma where I was on life support for over two months at Prince Georges Hospital Center in Cheverly, MD.

                    I don’t have a memory of the accident, or the few days before the day of the accident.  The first thing that I remember after the collision, which is still so vivid in my mind even today, is being in this very large white tube.

                    In this tube was a boy sitting to my left, and many other boys and girls on my right side (I use the term “boys and girls” because they appeared to be my age); I didn’t know why I was there or how I even got there in the first place.  The more I sat there, the more I was able to visualize my surroundings.  The boy to my left had a cell phone, and he asked me if I needed him to call anyone for me.  I told him “yes, can you call my parents and tell them that I love them.”

                    The next thing that I remember is waking up in a hospital bed, chemically paralyzed and hooked up to all these machines.  Through all the buzzes and beeps going off from the medical equipment that was saving my life at that instant, I could hear my mom and dad telling me in between dramatic pauses of crying hysterically that I was going to be okay.

                    Only moments before I believe I was waiting in line to meet my final judgment, but it must have not been my time.  Moments later, I had come back to life.  This was just the beginning of my suffering.

                    I died eight times while I was in the intensive care unit and even when I woke up from my coma, I couldn’t talk or communicate. The day that they knew that I would live, was the day that I either left my room in a wheelchair or a body bag. As far as the future, it didn’t exist. Walking was never going to happen again due to all the extreme injuries and because of the shattered pelvis. The thought of swimming was just that, only a thought. Just like my body, my dreams were shattered.   But, I didn’t give up because I knew that God had a plan for me.

                    After spending two months in a coma, 14 operations, 36 blood transfusions, 13 plasma treatments, I lost a total of 100 pounds and had to go to a rehabilitation center in Baltimore. I had to learn how to talk, eat, walk, shower, and live independently again. After that agonizing experience, I had to go to outpatient therapy in Waldorf, MD.

                    After spending a few months in a wheelchair, I took baby steps to walk on my own.  It was a miracle that I could walk again, but I wanted to prove the doctors wrong and not only walk, but run.

                    After I accomplished that, I wanted to get back in the pool again. After a few lung tests, I was able to go in the pool a little bit each week. Before the accident I had three goals: to go to college, swim on the team, and compete in an ironman triathlon one day.

                    After a few months of swimming a few laps here and there with my training partner and good buddy, Sam Fleming, I decided that I was not going to let my injuries stop me from living my dream, and six months after that I began my freshman year at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and also was one of the swimmers to watch on the team.

                    It’s very easy to go through and list these facts and make it look like everything just seemed to easily fall in it’s own perfect little place, but the truth of the matter is that it didn’t.  It wasn’t easy, not then, and not now.  The pain and the agony was real and it existed all the way through, in the good times and the very bad.

                    It was not an easy situation to be in where you’re laying in a bed, staring at the ceiling, knowing that your life is over while your looking at a priest give you the last rights.

                    I thought to myself over and over, why this situation had to happen to me.  I was always a good kid, received good grades in school, and went to church.  Why would something as horrific as this happen to me?  Why would God allow this?  I went on and on for days asking why?  And, then it hit me.  All that thinking and pondering on the what-if scenario’s and the questionable doubt only stirred up another question – why was I saved?  I didn’t have anymore questions after that.  I know what my purpose in life finally is.

                    With the 50 year life expectancy I was given from the doctors, I am just trying to live each day to the fullest and motivate and hopefully inspire other people, in their lives and in the faith. I have been labeled on several occasions that I am “Lazarus-like” because God brought me back to life.

                    To inspire even more, I just successfully completed the Steelhead 70.3 half-ironman race in Michigan a few months ago, and was also given the inspirational athlete media slot to compete in the 2007 Ford Ironman World Championship where my story and race footage was broadcast in the Ironman show premiere as the main feature on NBC on Dec. 1.  See video below:

                    My story is about the recovery and the comeback, but I want to make it much more than that, I want to make a positive impact on the world. I am just trying to live each day to the fullest and motivate and hopefully inspire other people through my endeavors to never give up on their dreams, and to never stop believing in their faith in God no matter how bad a situation is because everything happens for a reason.

                    I remember when I was still in my hospital bed in ICU, I would have my mom and dad push me around in my wheelchair to the other rooms in the unit to see the other patients and talk to them and their families; it didn’t matter if the other patients were unconscious or comatose because I just wanted to talk to them, especially since there was always that possibility that they could hear me.

                    I wanted to let them know that everything was going to be okay, somehow things would work out for the best. I prayed with them, I said prayers for them, I tried to give them hope. I believe that my purpose in life is to bring hope to those who need it most and through my past accomplishments, I have been able to have the positive mindset to keep pushing through over all these obstacles and find my way in life.

                    Besides the ironman and triathlons, I’m doing a lot of work now with motivational speaking, the American Red Cross as being a spokes model, as well as the Brain Injury Association of America, and possibly the American Heart and Lung Association because I feel that this is how I can use my story as a means of helping others.

                    I competed in Kona, Hawaii in the 2007 Ford Ironman World Championship two months ago as the inspirational athlete media slot with only six weeks of training (in the entire sport of triathlon) and I was one of the main features on the 2007 Ironman show that premiered Dec. 1st. With Mark Allen as my coach, I plan on returning to Kona in the next few years on my own abilities to continue my life long quest of one day breaking the swim course record and hopefully winning the Ford Ironman World Championship. These are big goals but the saying goes, “Through God, all things are possible” and that statement is the story of my life.

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