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I would like to share my miraculous journey that I had with various masters. I am 45 yrs old residing in the garden city, Bangalore INDIA for the last 38 years. I am a civil engineer and a interior decorator. I was born in a village near Mandya about 100 kilometers from Bangalore. I was not so healthy in childhood, as I had severe respiratory problems. I suffered a lot up to the age of 23. I studied in a local language kannada medium and was very mediocre in my studies, never even touched even a decent 2nd class.

My father was an Engineer working for the Indian government and my mother a house wife. Most of my family and relatives had written me off and branded me as sick and dull. As we, are basically farmers and landholders, most of the people thought I’ll be a Drop-out and join farming with my uncles. My elder sister and younger brother were excellent in their studies. Everybody compared me with them. All this made me more of an introvert and I developed an inferiority complex.

My father was transferred to Bangalore when I was 7 years old and that made my health worse. I could not cope with city students as they were more polished and conversed so fluently in English. I used to get severe asthma attacks and I was always on medicine. Life went on like this until I entered SSC somehow by grace of the Almighty.

During these suffering years I started conversing with the Almighty and used to share my feelings. Some times I used to cry, wondering why this is happening to me. One day I was sitting in my room when I heard a voice from inside: “Prem, you can bring change in life, you have the power.”

I slowly started getting confidence and become more studious. Believe it or not I got 1st class in SSC exams. This was the 1st miracle that I experienced in my life.

My first experience with spirituality was when I was 16 yrs old. Mahashri Mahesh Yogi’s students came to school and taught my sister T.M (Transcendental Meditation). She taught me TM. and I was doing the meditation mechanically 10 minutes daily for a year or so. Our school was very near to Ramakrishna ashram where I used to go and meditate on a regular basis.

My health still was not so good at that time. I used to have breathing problems. The whole night I would be counting my breaths and waiting for the morning to come. I had become weak. The mental and Physical suffering was always there throughout my engineering graduation.

In 1986 I had a major vehicle accident in which my leg was fractured very badly. I was bed ridden for 6 long months. This was the Turning Point of my life. I read many books; Bhagavatgita, Buddha’s concept of Nirvana, Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends and Influence People”, Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, Books of Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi’s “My Experiments with Truth’.Paul Coehelo’s “THE ALCHEMIST” and many others.

Then I read about the incident when Gandhi was thrown off a running train to the railway platform. Sitting on the platform he made a pledge to himself that he is going to fight this discrimination on the basis of color of the skin. A VISION was formed in him and I understand this was the starting point of the fall of the British Empire in India.

This particular incident in Gandhi’s life changed my life. I decided enough is enough! I will bring transformation in my life. I used to meditate throughout the night since I was unable to sleep because of pain and breathing trouble. After I started walking, miracles started happening in my life, I was meeting right people at the right time. My intuition was working for me.

Though my health was not completely good, I understood myself and I was seeking guidance from within. I decided to be on the spiritual path rest of life. Miraculous thinking was working for me.

I slowly started working on weaknesses and converting them into strengths. I studied MBA in the evening college and I finished it successfully. I joined MILT – A Leadership, Public speaking, Human relations course. I used to read a lot those days. I was recognized wherever I went. My English was becoming better and better.

Then I studied M.S. in Psychotherapy and Counseling in an open university. I got 1st class in that course. This was the biggest miracle I’d experienced. I could not imagine one day I would be so qualified to talk even to scholars and intellectuals.

In the year 1988 I met management Guru Swamy Sukhabodhananda who molded me to become an inner winner and an outer winner. In 1989 I was initiated under OSHO commune, my sanyas name given was Swamy Anand Prem ( Swami means you are committed be on the spiritual path) and practiced many types of meditations such as Dynamic meditation, Trataka, Mystic rose, Sufi, Dancing meditation, Tantra, Kundalini, Vipasana (Anaapanasati), Gibrish, Nadabramha, Nataraja meditation, Yoga nidra , Tea meditation… etc.

These Spiritual interests made me go to visit various ashrams like Swamy Muktananda ( Ganesh puri ), Swamy Ramdas ( Kasargod, Kerala ), Aurobindo( Pondicherry ) , Ramana Maharshi (Thiruvannamalai), Shirdi Sai , Sathya sai (Puttaparthy), EGYPT etc .

I became more healthy, very confident and dynamic. I was doing well in my profession and also socially very active. I was married in 1995 to Bharathi Prem, an architect , a lovely human being who supported all my crazy adventures of self discovery. Now I help others by counseling and motivating them. I am part of others’ miracles now.

I have always listened to the voice from inside. Every minute is full of miracles!

This story was submitted by “T.K.P.K.” from India

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