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No Coincidence!

by on Jul.30, 2008, under Divine Intervention, Personal Transformation Miracle Stories

On March12, 2008, Ii was walking out from school yard.  I  saw some male students pointing down at me from the third floor so I ignored them and continued walking.  I caught myself walking faster than ever and soon, another student was walking alongside me.   As I passed this student I felt a shiver and then a huge rock flew and struck the wall near us.  Ii felt as though my hearth had jumped out of  my chest.  In my mind I said it could only be a work of God.  It wasn’t a coincidence that the rock didn’t strike my head.

After that I became a CHRISTIAN.  I am thankful for living to share that moment.

This miracle story was submitted by “K.C.” from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean

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    The Lord Sat With Me In My Dream

    by on Jul.15, 2008, under Divine Intervention, Miracle Dreams, Personal Transformation Miracle Stories

    I have received many blessings in my Life.  The most recent is that I am free from cancer.  About four years ago my life was in such turmoil.  I was a single parent, unhappy and feeling unloved. It seemed that all day I would talk to the Lord.


    That night I had a dream.  In the dream I was sitting on the beach.  Next to me, with his arm around my shoulder, was the Lord.   We were looking out over the ocean together.  He had a white robe on and shoulder length hair.  At the same time I was also watching from the sky–the two of us sitting together.

    The dream woke me up with a feeling of such love–one that was so intense–and it lasted for about four hours.  As the feeling was slowly leaving, little by little each hour, my heart was just breaking.  But  I remember thinking “thanks Lord.  Now I really know what Love is. I know for a fact there is a God and a love like no other that waits for us when we leave here.

    If I ever feel down or unhappy, I think about this dream and it reassures me God is not only with me, but that I have been lucky enough to feel the greatest love in the whole wide world.

    This miracle story was submitted by “D.G.” from PA

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      Nothing Is Too Big For The Lord To Turn Around

      by on Jul.07, 2008, under Divine Intervention, Healing Miracles Stories

      After three years of having a excruciating pain threw my chest and being diagnosed with a pinched nerve, I began thowing up blood. After days of human mistakes,I was finally diagnosed with malt lymphoma (STOMACH CANCER).  THE DATE WAS 9-20-2006.  THE PROGNOSIS was very poor.

      I had a wondeful, caring doctor who first put me on medicine called a prepac. After 4 days, I remember waking up and thinking My God, so this is how I’m suppose to feel.  The difference was so great and the pain threw my chest was disappearing.

      By my third biopsy in January of 2007, I was cancer free.  I ask my doctor if this would be considered a MIRACLE.  He said, Diane you must have had help from somewhere.  As  of this day which is 7-07-09, I SIT HERE LATE AT NIGHT,JUST RECIEVING THE MEDICAL REPORTS, WHICH DO SHOW GOD SAVED ME.  FULLY CANCER FREE, in a matter of 4 months at that time.

      And I still have my own stomach without needing chemo.  The doctor told me his next step at the time was going to be to remove my stomach and start me on chemo.I know the Lord gave me this chance to help others and give them hope. There really is a God.
      I AM LIVING PROOF. I am not sure how to go about submitting my medical records to have it acknowledged. But this is where I am starting. God is with us. Have hope.  No situation is too big for the Lord to turn around.

      Thank you my Lord and saviour for my being here to write this today. Blessings.

      This miracle story was submitted by “D.G.” from PA.

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        Car Spins Out of Control Across Freeway

        by on Jun.19, 2008, under Car Wreck Miracle Stories, Divine Intervention, Power of Prayer Miracle Stories

        I’m a single mother of two–a boy and a girl about one year apart. A few years ago, back in the Spring of 2001, I was driving home from the park where we had my son’s 2nd birthday  celebration.  My kids were in the back seat of my 1989 white Toyota Corolla. I was driving on the 405 North freeway from the 2nd to the slow lane. As I was driving, I had decided to change lanes so I could drive a little bit faster.  I wanted to get home quickly because the kids were cranky and I was tired from the whole event.

        When I was about to change lanes, on my right side I saw a gray Integra ( I believe ) that was going at the same pace as me and changing lanes at the same time. So I went back to my lane where I was going more slowly.  Suddenly my car jerked and started spinning. The steering wheel was out of control and I could not maneuver the car. All I was doing was holding on to my steering wheel.  I looked behind me and my kids were crying so loud, that I didn’t know what to do. I told them everything well be okay, and if this was our one last day of each other, that it was going to be okay.

        The car was still spinning. I looked to my front window and all I can remember was my car heading to the edge of the divider, where it was going out of the freeway. When I saw where we were heading to, I closed my eyes, and prayed to God, asking Him this one last time take care of us, to help us right now at this moment. Everything was happening so fast that I couldn’t even think anymore. After I had closed my eyes and prayed for help, my car stopped.

        I opened my eyes and I looked around the area and at my kids in the back, and I cried for joy. We were all alive in the middle of the freeway. All cars stopped and just waited to see if anyone was hurt. Soon enough, three people came up to me and asked if everyone was okay, and all I said was “can I please use your phone?”  They checked on my kids, and smiled and hugged them that we were all okay.  Then a man came to me and handed me his phone and I called my dad to tell him that I had an accident.  He came and had someone tow my car.

        I never believed that a miracle could happen and it’s given by GOD, but now I believe.  I am grateful my kids are alive with me to this day. I know now that I do have something to accomplish in this EARTH, if HE had given me another chance to live.

        This miracle story was submitted by “J.A.” of CA.

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          A Helping Hand Saved Me From Raging Sea

          by on May.29, 2008, under Divine Intervention, Sports Miracle Stories

          In Malta, the small island I come from, summers are usually hot and dry and the month of June 2007 was no exception.  My friend phoned me up suggesting we head down to the beach for a swim to relax and cool down a bit.  I wasn’t really in the mood for that but on second thought I decided to follow.  Little did I know what was in store for me!!!

          On arrival at the sandy beach, my friend literally jumped into the water, but I decided to sunbathe a little bit before getting into the sea.  She started calling me to join her, but I realized that the wind was slightly increasing its speed and this was creating waves, so I was very cautious. I just sat down in the shallow water instead of heading out to the deeper water.

          Suddenly, a wave that was about half a meter in height rocked me back and forth on the spot. I never trust the sea,  so alarmed, I decided to go back onshore.  That was the worst idea I could have thought of, because on standing up, a higher wave hurdled in and pulled me out at sea.

          Now the waves were very high, about 2 meters and my survival instinct took over and I started struggling to swim ashore.  Instead of swimming, towards the shore, the high waves dragged me out and from the point I was at I couldn’t see land nor anyone around.  I think I must have been dragged about a mile out at sea, and this was just the beginning.

          The waves were now of enormous height and the wind increasing rapidly and panic overtook  me.  I am a good swimmer as I used to train aquatic sports and I also have Life Saving At Sea Courses and a member of the St. John Ambulance Brigade so, I was supposed to be trained. But at that moment in time, anything I knew felt useless.

          I started crying, shouting and panicking…I felt I was going to die and it seemed to me a terrible death.  At that very moment, something took over and I sort of ‘regained my senses.’ I was full of courage and decided that I couldn’t give up on my life now.  So I started counting the waves and calculating their speed.  The sea must have been force 8 or 9.  At first I didn’t manage and the sea was pulling me out again, so I started to dive into the waves and using my strength towards the current by diving.

          Somehow, my strategy was working and after a grueling 45 minutes out at sea, I made it to the shore. On swimming in, I could hear people shouting and an ambulance was being called.  To this day, I can’t figure out how I managed to arrive back on land.  My strength was gone, my mind blanked out, so for sure it must have been the hand of God.  At least, that’s what the witnesses told me.

          That day, in the same rough sea and at the same beach, a life was lost.  So I must have been either lucky or had an extra helping hand from up above.  You decide, I think I already know.

          This miracle story was submitted by “C.S.”  from Malta.

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            God Saved Our Dog’s Life

            by on Mar.12, 2008, under Divine Intervention, Miracle Stories About Animals, Power of Prayer Miracle Stories

            Last night my daughter and I pulled up in front of our house.  It was dark out and our mailbox is on the opposite side of the road, so I pulled up so my daughter could get the mail.  Without even thinking I hit the garage door opener in a split second our dog, Abby, came running to the side of the road, tail waggin’ and so happy to see us home.

            Like a slow motion picture I saw Abby actually on the road side, just outside the driveway, and a small pick up coming full speed.  I couldn’t react and the next second the truck passed the van and I saw our dog rolling back into the drive with a yipe then get up and run back into our house.  I had to wait for another car to pass then I pulled into the garage. My daughter threw open the side door and Abby jumped into the back seat.

            The couple that had hit her came back to apologize.  Abby is a black lab and there was not a chance of them seeing her in the night.  I tried to check Abby over but I couldn’t get her out of the back seat.  All I could see is blood on her bottom lip.  She ran O.K. but all I could think of was internal injuries.  The couple showed me where her head hit their turn signal light and cracked the hard plastic. They were going about 45 mph and didn’t see her until after they hit her.

            I thanked them for coming back and told them I was going to get her checked out.  I started to call frantically to every vet I could and everyone I could get a hold of said it would be about $200 up front to examine her.  I barely am able to keep our bills paid, I live paycheck to paycheck.  I was feeling so helpless.

            In my frantic calling I saw my 8 year old daughter sitting beside me and I heard her crying and praying to Jesus.  She ask him to send angles down to heal her Abby because she couldn’t loose her and then she thanked Jesus for his healing.

            I finally decided that I was going to just go to the MedVet and if nothing else right a check.

            When my daughter and I returned to the van I called for Abby, who was still lying down in the back seat, and Abby popped up and came to the middle seat.  She didn’t have any other marks on her.  She just looked very scared, like the day I rescued her when she was 8 weeks old.  My children had found her tied to a tree on a very hot August day with no food or water.  The people that owned her said I could have her for $5.  We took her home and she was part of the family.

            I got in my van and drove to the MedVet.  When I got there and opened the van door, Abby jumped down and was so excited.  She acted like we were at the park going for a walk.  So I stopped and checked her over.  The blood was just a scraped lip.  All of her teeth were intact, her gums were pink. I pressed over the body like I was checking for ticks and Abby didn’t even flinch.  I knew at that moment she was going to be O.K. Jesus had heard and answered my eight year old daughter’s prayer.

            I didn’t even go in the clinic.  My daughter and I took Abby home and we all slept in my bed.  The next morning when we got up Abby was back to her normal routine, a little slower, but back to patiently waiting for us to finish getting ready so we could give her some loving on the way down the stairs, then out the back door for her morning bathroom.

            I looked at my daughter and I told her how proud I was of her.  She asked why.  I told her because “you did the right thing, you ask God for help right away and he gave it to us.”  I told her she saved Abby’s life and she said no God did.  I am lucky to have a child so wise.

            I sometimes feel like I’m not doing the best job at raising my children right, but then in one scary moment I get a reminder that as long as I keep God in the picture, my children and I will be alright.

            Some say it was luck but I think we experienced a miracle.  I hope this story reminds everyone to stop and always pray first – then react.

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              Miracle of Divine Intercession Saves Baby Girl

              by on Feb.09, 2008, under Angel Miracle Stories, Divine Intervention, Healing Miracles Stories, Hearing God's Voice

              After I left my abusive husband, I moved back to my hometown. I had no idea what I was going to do and needed to be sure my family and I were safe. I was also concerned about my children’s health, especially my baby who was just 9 months old.  She tends to become sick without showing any real symptoms.

              After we arrived back to my hometown, something was amiss with here. I kept taking her to doctors and they kept telling me nothing was wrong. I woke up one Sunday morning, only to feel the coldest cold I have ever felt. Then I saw an angel standing to my right and was told to “leave *the name of my hometown.*”  His voice was so authoritative and so magnificent, I dared not disobey. I immediately started packing and since the next train was 3 days away, I had made plans to call some churches in case I need help en route to my destination.

              When we arrived at a stop for an hour layover, I took my baby to the nearest walk in clinic. The doctor examined her and explained to me, she was only there covering for another doctor and that she thinks my daughter may have double phemunia. She also explained to me that normally they would send for xrays first then call the patient if any thing was wrong.  But in this case, she explained, she felt my daughter was very sick. She did give me a prescription for my daughter. I called a minister and explained my situation and they allowed me to stay with them for a few weeks.

              A few days later, I did receive a call from the doctor’s office after they received the x-rays back. It turned out that my baby did in fact have double pneumonia and it was the type that could not be heard with just a stethoscope. My baby now is 21 and engaged. I thank god for the miracle of divine intercession especially for sparing my daughter’s life.

              This miracle was submitted by “B.M.D.” from Canada.

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                An Angel Pulled My Son From The Water

                by on Aug.31, 2007, under Angel Miracle Stories, Children Miracle Stories, Divine Intervention

                A few years ago,a friend and I took our boys swimming at a local beach.  It was a very hot day so the beach was very crowded.  As the boys went out into the water, my friend and I sat nearby talking to each other but keeping a close eye on the boys.

                A few seconds later we looked back out to check on them and I didn’t see my son.  I got up and went closer to the water to see if I could see him in the large crowd of swimmers.  What I saw next was the most frightening sight I’ve ever experienced.

                My son had gone too far out into the water and was drowning.  Every time he would come up he scream for help.  Not being able to swim myself, I felt completely helpless as a mother.  I began to yell for the lifeguards but no one seemed to hear me.

                Finally, a tall man with long hair and a beard appeared carrying my son out of the water.  I was so happy my son was safe I grabbed him from the man and hugged him as hard as I could.

                When I turned around to thank the man, he was gone and no one but my son and I seemed to have seen him.  To this day, we still believe that was an angel who pulled my son from that water.  My son says he looked a lot like Jesus.

                Thank you God for saving my sons life.

                This miracle story was submitted by “A.K.” in OH.

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                  God Was There

                  by on Jan.19, 2007, under Car Wreck Miracle Stories, Divine Intervention

                  One morning while driving in rush hour in heavy traffic going north on the Tri-state a truck with a trailer cut in front of me.  I wasn’t going more than 60 and I stepped on the brake to slow down and suddenly my car swerved to the left and then to the right and then spun around with cars all around me.

                  I literally went across all three lanes.  I did not hit one car.  I was watching my car spin out of control and couldn’t do a thing to stop it! All I could do was grip the steering wheel and say Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God. I kept waiting for the impact of a crash.  I finally came to a stop with my car facing west across two lanes with cars headed north toward me.  I watched these cars stop one at a time and I felt like I was in a dream.  It was slow motion and unbelievable.

                  I finally was able to get a hold of myself and pull over on the shoulder.  The tears were literally just rolling down my face and I was in a complete state of shock. I looked around and all the surrounding cars seemed to be pushed aside.   I looked up and said thank you.  All I know is that was a true miracle.  I did not hit one car and I wasn’t hit by one car.  I cannot believe it still.  It was THE most terrifying moment of my life.  I know without any doubt God was there.  There’s no other explanation.

                  This miracle story was submitted by “E” from IL.

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                    Live Each Day Like It’s Your Last

                    by on Nov.30, 2006, under Children Miracle Stories, Divine Intervention, Near Death Miracle Stories

                    My parents threw a party, a little get-together with the family. I was four years old and just got done eating a wonderful plate of noodles. I wanted to go swimming in the pool now, and no on

                    I swear when I was down there, I saw a light and I thought I saw Jesus who told me he didn’t want me to come to heaven yet. My sister ran in the house and called the ambulance. Thankfully there was an ambulance worker down the road who wasn’t on duty but still came and saved my life.

                    If it wasn’t for her, I honestly don’t know where I would be right now. Thank you B.J.  I’m scared to tell some of my best friends, because, I don’t think they’d believe me. I know I’m just a 14 year old, and us teenagers have weird things going on, but this is a true story. And I’m the one it happened to. Now I have tears coming out of my eyes.

                    I think people should pray every night. You never know when something bad is going to happen or something might happen to someone you care about. You never know what’s going to happen or even if your going to wake up the next morning, so live each day like its your last.

                    This miracle story was submitted by “J.R.S.” from CT.

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