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Tomorrow’s Promise – Life After Death

by on Jan.22, 2011, under Communication Miracles, Divine Intervention, Miraculous Visions

When I lost my mother, father and brother, my life changed forever. To those not blessed with a faith-filled heart these events my seem tragic and unimaginable. My faith in God revealed to me an amazing power at a pivotal time in my life, offering me comfort in a moment of supreme challenge. My story is a powerful message of hope and confirmation of why our faith is crucial to this life.

My mother died at the young age of 39. She had breast cancer. I was devastated to say the least. I was only 12 years old.  This loss in my life  gave me the wisdom and courage I needed to proceed with my life. My faith remained close to my heart.

Years later, I lost my father to kidney cancer and seven years after his death, my only brother died from pancreatic cancer. He was only 41 years old. At the time of my brother’s illness, I began to hear many messages from beyond this physical world. Messages of hope and love from my parents.

They wanted me to know our loved ones that pass away remain connected to us forever, even though we may not see them. They wanted me to share my story with those who struggle with loss. And after my brother passed, I received many messages from him as well. He shared with me what happened to him after his last breath and that there is life after life. Death is not the end.

Before my brother passed away, I witnessed a bright light shining through my window one early morning in my bedroom. It was the most blinding light I had ever seen. It was from a window, which faces a wooded lot–no streets or street lights or cars.

I asked my mother what this light was. She told me it was a light from heaven shining upon you because you were not bitter or angry about your brother’s illness or death.

I have many other messages to share and my story is available in a self published book, which I wrote and published last summer. It is called Tomorrow’s Promise
by Mary Elizabeth Robinson.  The title words came to me in a message soon after I learned about my brother’s illness. I wrote down all my messages that I ever received. I woke from a sound sleep to hear the words and meaning of “tomorrow’s promise” and had to get up and write them down because it was so profound.

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    A Voice Said “I’m Here.”

    by on Jan.19, 2010, under Angel Miracle Stories, Car Wreck Miracle Stories, Communication Miracles

    November 2, 2009 my best friend Charles was killed in a car accident. On January 13 2010 My four friends and myself (age 17) were driving around because we were bored. Everyone in the car was really close to Charles. At an intersection a van t-boned my car. By the way the van who it me was driven by a drunk driver and it was a hit n’ run. My air bags didn’t go off. I should be dead.

    I can’t remember anything but a voice that said “I’m here.” And I walked away with little injuries. That night I woke up talking to myself, and I believe I was talking to Charles. I remember waking up saying “But it hurts so much.” I believed Charles saved my life.

    This miracle story was submitted by “A.P.” from OH.

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      On Fire for the Lord

      by on Jan.11, 2010, under Communication Miracles, Relationship Miracle Stories, Synchronicity Miracles Stories

      I was new Christian, on fire for the Lord.  Like so many “new” Christians before me, I was eager to make an impact on the world, by saving souls and spreading the word. But I didn’t really have any gift for teaching or preaching, or so I thought.

      I worked at a small grocery store in our home town.  I never saw anyone but the locals until one day the cash register needed to be repaired.  Business had been really slow and I was the only one working when the repairman came.  He was a pleasant looking fellow, with sad eyes. He looked as though he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. As soon as I laid eyes on him the Lord spoke to my heart, “Tell him about me. Tell him why you love me.”

      So I began to pour out of me all the love that God had shown me. The repairman  worked and I talked, all the while he never made a comment. I would pause from time to time to check with the Lord to see if I should continue to talk.  Basically for 45 minutes I talked.  Finally the repairman said, “I’m going to have to take this in to the shop.  I’ll bring you in loaner from the truck and then I’m going to tell you something.”

      “Oh boy,” I thought, dreading what he might say. The repairman returned with the loaner, hooked it up and turned to me and said,”You don’t know me and you don’t know anything about me but I’m a preacher at a small church in Stillwater.  I repair registers through the week to pay the bills but I preach on Sunday.  But lately, I’ve felt like I’m wasting my time.  Nobody’s getting anything out of my sermons. I felt like I was a dry river bottom rather than rivers of living waters flowing from me.

      So on the way down here today I poured my heart to God. I said if I’m suppose to keep preaching then you’re going to have to send me somebody to convince me. If not, Sunday will be my last day in the pulpit.  I was ready to quit.”  He paused for a moment, with tears in his eyes.  “You did it, you’ve convinced to continue preaching.  For that I thank you.”

      Through tears of my own, I watched as he turned and walked from the store. A great lesson was learned that day, it’s not hard to work for the Lord.  You need only to follow His lead and good things happen. God loves His children and he appoints their steps.

      This miracle story submited by “M.H.” from OK

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        The Single Yellow Rose from Our Lady of Fatima

        by on Oct.21, 2009, under Communication Miracles, Divine Intervention, Synchronicity Miracles Stories

        I recently had had a very bad week and particularly an even worse day.  Anything that could go wrong did and I was feeling quite depressed.  I had been praying for my son to succeed in school, for our finances which were dwindling and for my own health. I suffer from MS and have had a lot of exacerbation lately.

        I flopped on the couch that night and started flipping through tv channels when I came across a really old movie. What caught my attention was how poorly the movie’s quality was.  It was obviously really really old…..in black and white and poor visual quality…even so, something caught my eye. The movie was about Our Lady of Fatima..an old movie set in Portugal about three young children who see a vision of our LADY and receive instruction from her to gather people to come to the spot of her appearance so she may perform miracles.

        Before I went to sleep I prayed to “Our Lady.”  I asked her to send me some kind of sign that I would know she had heard my prayer and would ask the Father to grant my requests. I had heard about people saying they would either receive a “ROSE” or come across one after praying to Our Lady as this was her favorite flower and she’d use it as a sign to show people she’d heard their prayer.

        Upon my prayer request I actually told HER that it was October and I didn’t think it possible to show me a rose since the blooming season was now over…so I asked for some other sign.  What happened next is nothing short of a miracle.  I fell into a deep sleep. I was awoken by a single ring on my phone. It only rang once and stopped. I wondered if it had been a wrong number and went back to sleep.

        When I got up the following morning and went to use my phone….there on my caller ID were the words…,”OUR LADY of FATIMA”. The exact words of the movie I had watched and to whom I had prayed.  I have to tell you that a small part of me wondered if there could be a logical explanation.  So under the name was a phone number. I imagined it was the Our Lady of Fatima hospital that is in my state. Even though I have absolutely nothing at all to do with that hospital I called there to inquire why someone might have called me. I asked to speak to several different people trying to figure out if anyone called me. No one had any idea.

        I know now that “OUR LADY” somehow used that number to send me the sign that I had requested. Later that same day I was at my kitchen washing dishes and to my amazement…there right outside my window was a single yellow rose blooming on a rosebush that had withered up and died since early September.

        This miracle story was submitted by “H.B.” from RI.

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          Wigi, Grandfather and Me Miracle

          by on Nov.01, 2008, under Children Miracle Stories, Communication Miracles, Relationship Miracle Stories

          My grandfather died of leukemia when I was 3 years old, I’m now 17.  Before this event that I’m about to tell you, I wondered every day why I didn’t get my chance to say goodbye.

          My roommate brought home a wigi board one day and I freaked out on him.  I told him that I didn’t want it in the house because all it brings is bad (which I still believe to this day, with one exception.)  That night he told me to think of someone that I want to talk to… and instantly my grandpa popped into my head.  I called him to the board.

          To make sure it was really him, I asked him what the nickname that he gave me was (he was the only person to ever know that other than my parents.)  The board spelled out “aunt gabby” and I started bawling.  We talked on the board for about 10 minutes more, catching up.  He told me that he’s always watching over me.

          Then my boyfriend was asking him if he could levitate things, and my grandpa Ed said yes.  I asked him to levitate the board a little bit, so he lifted it 2 inches off the ground.  My boyfriend was egging him on to lift the board higher, and I begged him not to, so my grandpa set the board down.  I wanted to feel him, I wanted to be able to say goodbye, so I asked my grandfather to hug me, he said yes, and then I felt a tingly warm feeling all over.

          Nobody believed me, so I asked my grandpa to hug my boyfriend.  He said no. I giggled and asked him to shake his hand, so he did.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen my boyfriend as shocked as he was then.  His eyes went wide, and I saw a smile form across his face, and he said to my roommate that he’d better believe it because it’s true.  Around that time I figured that I should let him go.  I said goodbye to my grandfather, and yet I can still feel him around me every single day.

          comments: I’m not usually a super religious person, but this instance changed me…. Not to be a bible thumper who is always trying to push my religion on other people.  But it made my life better (even though I wont touch a wigi board anymore, haha).

          This miracle story was submitted by “L.” from MT.

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