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The Miracle Come Back Kid

by on Jan.20, 2010, under Car Wreck Miracle Stories, Children Miracle Stories, Healing Miracles Stories

My story is actually about my son. On August 3rd 2009, my 12 year old son R. rode his bicycle through a red light and was hit by 2 SUVs. Against all odds my son survived.

My son lost; 1 kidney and half his liver, broke his pelvis, crushed 1 lung and lost 46 pints of blood through surgery(platelets, plasma, and red blood cells). My son has been nick-named “The Miracle Come Back Kid” by his friends and teachers.

Many good things have come out of this Miracle of life my son was given, such as; lectures on bike safety, interviews, commercials, blood drives, video, cartoon book, clothes line, and we were invited to go on the Maury Show. You can visit our website at http://www.miraclecomeback.com

I just wanted to share this with everyone. When you think you got it bad, someone out there has got it worse.

This miracle story was submitted by “B.M.” from WI.

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    by on Jan.09, 2010, under Children Miracle Stories, Divine Intervention, Healing Miracles Stories, Personal Transformation Miracle Stories

    Approximately 10 years ago, on a freezing July night, the cold, hard, truth hit me like a freight train. NO ONE WAS COMING TO MY RESCUE.

    On our bedroom floor, my wife was giving birth to our son. He’d come so quickly that we had just called the hospital to tell them we were on our way. But we never made it out of the house.

    The complication was he was breech; and when he had come out to his shoulders, the contractions stopped and he stopped coming. My wife and I stayed calm, but for all my trying I just could not get his head out.  While this was happening my sister had called an ambulance, but we were stuck in this position for about 15 minutes before they arrived and were able to fully deliver him.

    What I didn’t realize was that the umbilical cord was obstructed and our baby was suffering from asphyxiation.  When he was finally born our boy was blue and his heart rate was 40 beats per minute when it should have been 140 beats per minute.  As the paramedics worked on our son, pumping oxygen into his lungs, with a hand pump, I went outside to talk to God.

    I’d been studying faith at a local church for a while, and had achieved some small successes. One of the scriptures that has always impressed on me the most was Mark 11:24 “Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be though removed and be though cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he says shall come to pass, He shall have whatsoever he says.”

    This scripture told me I had to take responsibility in the situation, and not wait for something to happen, but make something happen. I felt strength flow through me as I reminded God what this scripture said. I told God that I was not going to ask for anything but that I was going to take control of the situation. I had a strong belief that parents are supposed to protect their children, not just naturally but spiritually as well.

    I also could not accept the idea that a child would be born just to die ten minutes later. After my conversation with God I felt fearless and determined. When I went back into the house the main paramedic pulled me aside and asked me if he could have a word with me. With a grim look on his face and.”   It’s amazing how quickly people will change their mind and come into agreement with you when you are clear and absolute about something.

    Upon entering the hospital I repeated with conviction “No he’s going to make it, He’s gonna be just fine,” to any one that spoke to me. As I stood back and watched Doctors and Nurses buzzing around my son in a hive of activity, things became surreal. A smiling woman in a white coat approached, “You know when they called in, I thought they’d be bringing in a dead baby, but it’s a miracle, they’ve done a great job, he’s looking good.”

    Of course our baby did survive. But the next day he was placed in intensive care. At a meeting with the head of intensive care, the Doctor explained to us that our baby was “fitting” and this was most likely because he would have suffered brain damage and organ damage due to the lack of oxygen he received during birth. At this point, once again I reassured the Doctor, “No, don’t worry, he’s going to be just fine.”

    Because of what we had just been through, I thought there’s no way I’m going to start backing off now. About this time we were interviewed by the hospital psychologist, to see how we were handling the fact our baby would be severely handicapped. After the meeting my wife sneaked a peek at the psychologist’s clipboard and notes. Among other things, my wife noticed the statement “This couple is not prepared for failure.” It was not written as a positive statement, but I found it incredibly empowering.

    The ward was divided into ten sections. Section one for the sickest babies and our son was in this section. Some babies are in section one for months and some never get well. However, within two days our son was in section three and in three days he was in section nine. Within another three days we were taking him home in absolutely perfect condition.

    Since that time I have pushed myself to learn as much as possible about this incredible power that saved my son’s life. What I have learned I have applied to many different areas of my life. I have used this power to transform my near bankrupt, failing business into a thriving prosperous company that has allowed me an income that has totally changed my lifestyle.

    I have seen this power make cancer and arthritis completely disappear from people’s bodies. I have seen it transform children with learning difficulties and sleeping problems into peaceful intelligent, happy kids.

    I have seen it do many incredible, wonderful things in relationships, and every area of life. I believe this power controls the world, and I believe it exists for the benefit of mankind. I truly believe it’s the answer to every obstacle we face.“And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” John 8:32 Get Excited! It’s Time to Overcome!  For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. 1 John 5:4

    comments: Shayne Hammond is a faith teacher and life coach who donates his time free of charge to assist those that know they are capable of achieving more than they are currently experiencing, but don’t know how to go about it. Please visit http://www.shaynehammond.com to learn more.

    This miracle story was submitted by “S.H.” from Australia

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      Sick Child Healed By Sai Baba

      by on Apr.26, 2009, under Children Miracle Stories, Healing Miracles Stories, Hindu Miracles

      I was just 5 or 6 years old when I got the felling of Shree Shirdi sai. In 2006 I went to Shirdi Mindir in Noida. I was ill so my mother took me to baba’s mindir for a blessing. My mother and my Nani were praying for my while I think everybody’s eyes were closed.

      I saw that some body came to me from the murti and gave me a blessing. He had “om” on his hand. I was confused as I did not knew who is god. My eyes wanted him. I searched for him in the whole mindir. I came home and drew his photo. Then my mother came to know that he was nobody but Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. She checked my fever and I had no fever.

      This miracle story was submitted by “G.T.” from India

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        Newborn Gets Double Lung Transplant

        by on Jan.30, 2009, under Children Miracle Stories, Healing Miracles Stories, Organ Transplant Miracle Stories

        I was born February 13, 1995 and when I was born, I had a problem breathing. The nurses didn’t know what was wrong. They did tests and a lawyer in Utah said he read an article in the newspaper about this rare thing. My birth or biological mom and dad both had recessive genes so they collided and made a glitch. The nurses tested my blood twice and confirmed that I had the rare thing. I was dying fast.

        So they said they could either do surgery or put me down. My adoptive mom and dad said they weren’t giving up. So they called every doctor in every state until they found one that knew what to do. They talked to the doctor in Maryland on the phone to see what they could do. The doctor said he had heard of it and the babies who had it got lung transplants.

        And that’s what happened. They rushed me from St. George, Utah to Los Angeles, California and got me to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. There is when Dr. Starns did surgery… a double lung transplant. The lung donor was from a baby who got crushed in a car accident. His heart went to another baby. When they say that the baby who was in the car accident is not alive.. it’s not true… he’s alive.. inside me. I’m still alive today and I’m a happy 14 year old. They said I wasn’t going to make it till kindergarten… but they were wrong… I lived.

        I don’t remember having the surgery or being born but I know that wherever I go, God is always with me no matter what. He’s always helping me whenever I’m right or wrong. I’m very lucky and I’m lucky to have great parents. My birth or biological parents couldn’t keep me because they were too young, but they chose my adoptive parents and I’m glad they chose them. Just being alive is my miracle.

        This story was submitted by “T.W.” from CA.

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          Wigi, Grandfather and Me Miracle

          by on Nov.01, 2008, under Children Miracle Stories, Communication Miracles, Relationship Miracle Stories

          My grandfather died of leukemia when I was 3 years old, I’m now 17.  Before this event that I’m about to tell you, I wondered every day why I didn’t get my chance to say goodbye.

          My roommate brought home a wigi board one day and I freaked out on him.  I told him that I didn’t want it in the house because all it brings is bad (which I still believe to this day, with one exception.)  That night he told me to think of someone that I want to talk to… and instantly my grandpa popped into my head.  I called him to the board.

          To make sure it was really him, I asked him what the nickname that he gave me was (he was the only person to ever know that other than my parents.)  The board spelled out “aunt gabby” and I started bawling.  We talked on the board for about 10 minutes more, catching up.  He told me that he’s always watching over me.

          Then my boyfriend was asking him if he could levitate things, and my grandpa Ed said yes.  I asked him to levitate the board a little bit, so he lifted it 2 inches off the ground.  My boyfriend was egging him on to lift the board higher, and I begged him not to, so my grandpa set the board down.  I wanted to feel him, I wanted to be able to say goodbye, so I asked my grandfather to hug me, he said yes, and then I felt a tingly warm feeling all over.

          Nobody believed me, so I asked my grandpa to hug my boyfriend.  He said no. I giggled and asked him to shake his hand, so he did.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen my boyfriend as shocked as he was then.  His eyes went wide, and I saw a smile form across his face, and he said to my roommate that he’d better believe it because it’s true.  Around that time I figured that I should let him go.  I said goodbye to my grandfather, and yet I can still feel him around me every single day.

          comments: I’m not usually a super religious person, but this instance changed me…. Not to be a bible thumper who is always trying to push my religion on other people.  But it made my life better (even though I wont touch a wigi board anymore, haha).

          This miracle story was submitted by “L.” from MT.

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            God’s Hand Protected Me

            by on Sep.25, 2008, under Children Miracle Stories, Divine Intervention

            I am an 11 year old Christian boy.  I have enormous faith in God. I play baseball, football, and basketball. I love to swim and play any sport. I enjoy family time and enjoy making friendships. I have good grades. I pray daily.

            One night when I came home from church I was riding on the back of our pick-up truck. The church is about a mile from our house.  My mom was driving.  When the truck came to a complete stop I jumped off and went under the truck to scare my mom by grabbing her ankles.  However, the motor was still running.

            In the next few seconds while under the truck I heard the motor roar. I immediately sprung out from the bottom.  My mom drove forward.  I nearly made it all out, except for my ankle which got run over by a two ton truck.  My dad who was driving up behind us onto the driveway witnessed the whole thing. It all happened within seconds.

            I was in excruciating pain and really scared.  My foot felt hot and crushed, I honestly thought it was going to be cut off.  I was holding onto it and praying for the pain to leave.  My dad jumped out of his truck and ran towards me.  My mom jumped out of hers and asked, “what was that?”  She then saw me rolling on the ground and grabbing my foot.  My father told her she had ran over my foot, but it could have been worse.  They both calmly removed my shoe and looked at it.

            They asked if I could move it.  I  moved it back and forth, side to side and realized a miracle had just taken place.  It hurt much but I iced it.  My mom knew everything was fine but told me to warn her of any swelling or lack of movement. An hour later when I was no longer in fright, I wept and asked my parents to forgive me.

            My mom told me to give thank and praise to God, for he’s an awesome God.  I could have been killed, but instead God spared my life.  She later took me in to the ER for observation and to avoid any medical negligence charges if it had to be reported.  The staff in the ER was in disbelief, they really didn’t think it happened like so.  I didn’t even get a bruise or a scrape.  They just said I was really lucky. I know it was God’s hand protecting me.

            This miracle story was submitted by “G.P.” from Texas

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              My Prayers Saved My Little Sister

              by on Sep.13, 2008, under Car Wreck Miracle Stories, Children Miracle Stories, Healing Miracles Stories, Power of Prayer Miracle Stories

              Well I am only 12.  My miracle story is about my little sister Samantha. She nearly died in January 15, 2006. She was  scootering down a hill when a speeding drunk driver hit my little sister.  The accident put her in a coma for about 1 month and then I had prayed and prayed for her. One day the Doctor told us she was having a difficult time breathing and heart failure.  So he said we would have to put her down.

              I screamed no and I prayed for her right there and then.  Her breathing started going normal and her heart was going back to her normal rate.  When she awoke from her coma, the first person she had wanted to see was me! I was so happy that she had survived that accident.  Each day she has had a really great time and is very thankful for every day she has. Right now she is asleep.  She is as normal as possible. I am very happy she had lived. That was my miracle.

              This miracle story submitted by “L.L.” from OR.

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                Jesus Appears In Vivid Vision To Young Teen

                by on Dec.18, 2007, under Children Miracle Stories, Christian Miracles, Miraculous Visions, Religious Miracle Stories

                The first time I saw him was in 2004 when I was twelve. I was at Camp Santa Maria in Gaylord Michigan. It was the second week of camp on I believe it was Thursday. That morning when we were at mass I saw everyone’s Guardian Angels bringing up offerings to the alter right before the blessing of the gifts.

                Later on that night after taps and bed I couldn’t sleep. I began to focus on a little light which I thought was something like a firefly.  The light began to slowly get bigger and bigger until it got to be about life size. At this point I was staring at it in confusion more than anything else.

                Then all of the sudden colors started to appear, there were reds, blues, greens, browns, yellows, blacks, and whites. It was like an amazing painting, starting off with the base colors working out to eventually getting the details.   It is hard to explain the man but I’ll do my best.

                He had dark brown hair that was long and curly.  It looked super silky and it was wet with sweat. His body was lean and thin with toned abs. His legs were long and thin his feet were big.

                His arms were also very long and strong, his muscles were very defined and his veins stuck out under the strength of his muscles. His hands were strong and stretched out and were very big. His skin was dark tan and it looked really smooth.  He did not have a visible scar on his body.

                His face was the most defined part of his body with big red lips and large cheek bones. His hair lay strategically placed on his forehead and his nose was smaller and long. But his eyes were very different than most would expect, they were the deepest green I had ever seen.  His pupils were pure black and the white in his eyes was whiter than snow.

                He showed no emotion on his face accept for the love in his eyes which seemed like they were staring at me. Then I looked at the landscape and his surroundings.  There were blue skies with dark clouds and lightening in the distance. The grass was either dead or gone. It was a rocky area and the amount of rain received seemed little.

                Off in the distance was the only visible sign of life around, it was the Garden of Olives. My eyes wandered back towards the man who was still looking at me, the painters brush began to work again this time adding details beyond imagination. He had turned into the goriest looking person ever; he was covered in more blood and cuts and gashes than I thought humanly possible.

                A crown of thorns began developing on his head but his emotions never changed. His body began dripping with blood and sweat, leaving a pool on the ground. The scenery began to change as well, the distant clouds were moving in closer and the lightning strikes were big and orange. A cross was being drawn in behind his outstretched arms.

                At this point I had realized it was Jesus and I had realized were I was. He continued to look me in the eye, his eyes following my swaying in the strong winds. Now I was scared, not scared of what had happened to him or what could have happened to me, but of what was going to happen to the people who had done this to him.

                The paint brush’s owner was back at work this time a small minor detail that made the biggest difference in the world; he painted a tear. This made me cry and it made me squirm uncomfortably. The image in front of me began to fade off into the distance returning to the little speck I thought was something like a lightning bug earlier. This image has been left in my head ever since than for a good reason.

                The second time was in 2007 at Battlecry Detroit on Saturday. It all started when we had the opportunity to yell out “I want the cross.” I yelled it out but wasn’t sure if I meant it. When I went up to the cross I looked right at where I remembered Jesus’ eyes would have been, and they where. They were! He was looking me in the face again! And this time he was smiling. He looked exactly the same accept he was smiling and the tear was gone.

                At this point I was excited as ever, I was smiling and had butterflies in my stomach. It came to the point where I was so happy I began to laugh as did he and we laughed so hard it brought us to tears. I was so excited to see him again nobody could have told me to calm down. Some of the people that were next to me were looking at me like I was crazy, which I am and was.

                It was almost 5 minutes before both of us had calmed down.  We made eye contact again and burst out laughing again. We did this a few times before we were actually able to go without laughing. The funny part is that we never even spoke a word to each other, everything was threw eye contact and facial expressions.

                We had gone about 30 minutes of just staring when he began to fade away. But this time when he faded away his blood and crown of thorns, cuts, bruises…everything went away. And he was more beautiful than any other human you will ever see. To this day I have not met a more beautiful person and I can’t think of one either. Not only can’t I think of one but I can’t imagine one. Jesus works in mysterious ways.

                This miracle story was submitted by “D” from MI.

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                  I Thank Jesus For Healing My Grandson of Leukemia

                  by on Dec.11, 2007, under Children Miracle Stories, Healing Miracles Stories, Power of Prayer Miracle Stories

                  It was Oct. 8th, 2001, a day that seemed like the world would end.  Our second oldest grandson, Logan, had been ill with infections of several types.  Finally his mommy, my daughter, Danielle, decided to request blood tests from the doctor, having that motherly intuition that Logan had leukemia.

                  Her worst fears were realized…Logan had AML, the worst type of leukemia.  He was rushed to the Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pa., where he was given a 20% chance of survival.  As his grandfather, I contacted every email prayer chain I could find on the internet…later receiving emails from around the world from groups and churches that were praying.

                  Chemotherapy was difficult for us to watch and witness, but Logan at age two was a trooper.  I spent one night in the hospital with Logan to give his mommy and daddy a chance to be at home with their other children.  That night I talked to my Savior, Jesus, for hours as I watched Logan trying to sleep during the therapy.  I can’t say that Jesus audibly answered my requests, but He heard me and a healing began in this little child.

                  Several months later he was considered in remission with a few minor problems.  They noticed a “mass” around his heart and some rare type of “bug” was in his bowel system, neither of which the doctors knew how to cure.  More prayers and more talking to Jesus….and within a few months both problems disappeared.

                  Logan has been in remission for 6-1/2 years now and is as healthy as any nine year old could be.  He is on the swim team, plays baseball, ice hockey, and frolics with his siblings.  He takes no medications of any type and his immune system is perfect.

                  The only thing we do every day now is thank Jesus for His healing touch.

                  This miracle story was submitted by “I.B” from PA.

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                    An Angel Pulled My Son From The Water

                    by on Aug.31, 2007, under Angel Miracle Stories, Children Miracle Stories, Divine Intervention

                    A few years ago,a friend and I took our boys swimming at a local beach.  It was a very hot day so the beach was very crowded.  As the boys went out into the water, my friend and I sat nearby talking to each other but keeping a close eye on the boys.

                    A few seconds later we looked back out to check on them and I didn’t see my son.  I got up and went closer to the water to see if I could see him in the large crowd of swimmers.  What I saw next was the most frightening sight I’ve ever experienced.

                    My son had gone too far out into the water and was drowning.  Every time he would come up he scream for help.  Not being able to swim myself, I felt completely helpless as a mother.  I began to yell for the lifeguards but no one seemed to hear me.

                    Finally, a tall man with long hair and a beard appeared carrying my son out of the water.  I was so happy my son was safe I grabbed him from the man and hugged him as hard as I could.

                    When I turned around to thank the man, he was gone and no one but my son and I seemed to have seen him.  To this day, we still believe that was an angel who pulled my son from that water.  My son says he looked a lot like Jesus.

                    Thank you God for saving my sons life.

                    This miracle story was submitted by “A.K.” in OH.

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