Did God Take A Hit For Us?

by on Feb.28, 2006, under Car Wreck Miracle Stories

My parents got divorce about a year and a half ago and at the age of 17, I kind of turned to alcohol and my friends to make myself feel better.  Since my dad was verbally abusive toward me, I tried anything to get him off my mind.

On January 20, 2006, a month ago me and 2 guy friends, Alex and Brad, [not real names] were on our way to Plato, to get some alcohol. We ended up staying at Steve’s house in Plato to drink.  After a bottle of vodka and Mike’s hard lemonade between me and Alex, we were feeling pretty invincible.

Eric called us from Arlington, which is about 15 minutes away, and wanted us to come pick him up. So Alex and I got into my moms ’98 grand prix and drove to Arlington. After picking up Eric we turned around to head back to Plato.   As we were going out of town, Eric, who was in the back seat, recalled that I had the radio really loud and that I just floored it. About 5 minutes out of town was as far as we got. From what we know we were going about 95 mph and we hit the shoulder.

As I tried to correct the car we lost control and skidded into the other lane and into the ditch hitting a field approach, going airborne and hitting a telephone pole on the drivers side 6ft off the ground. The car spun around the pole and landed on a driveway on the other side.

I suffered a fractured vertebrae and Alex suffered a broken vertebrae but Eric only suffered a minor concussion.   The back seat on the driver’s side was pushed three fourths of the way through the car.  Had Eric or anyone else been sitting there, or had the car hit the pole any closer to my door, we would have died.

I hadn’t gone to church much after my parents divorce. But the Sunday before my accident was the first time I’d gone to church in 6 months. My mom believes that God was riding in that drivers side back seat and that he took the most crucial hit to spare us of our lives. I’ve gone to church since then. And I thank god everyday that all three of us can walk and are able to go on with our everyday lives.

Story submitted by “S.R.” in Minnesota on 2/26/2006

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