Angel On The Elevator

by on Apr.02, 2006, under Angel Miracle Stories

I was at a junction in my life when I felt the call of God tugging at my spirit.  I had several incidences that were leading me to Him:  tickets to a Christian play that mysteriously were put in my mailbox, with  just enough tickets for my husband and two children; my son continually talked about Jesus; and eventually I began to ask questions.

I was a doubter and considered myself too “well read” to believe what I thought of as a farytale.  Many of the books I had read up to that point led me to believe Christianity was a way to make ancient governments keep the people in check, so to speak.  I had read books that spoke of secrets and cover-ups that made the Bible untrue.

But as we all know, once God speaks to us, we can’t forget.  I felt His pull and a few events happened that led my family and me to church.  I was also surrounded by a good Christian group of women at my new job (coincidence? I think not).

Eventhough I was trying hard to become a part of God’s family, but my doubts were in the way.  I prayed and cried to God that I needed him and wanted to believe, to please erase any doubts  I had so that I could love Him unconditionally and quit questioning faith.  What I didn’t realize is that God was already working in me!

In the last few months leading up to this, I had somehow developed an interest or you may say a yearning to give to others.  Charity, animal shelters, clothes for need children.  You name it and I wanted to help.  This was very unlike me, as I can be a little self-absorbed.

One day at work (I work in a hospital), as I was getting on the elevator, I saw a very non-descript lady of about 55 or so who was already on.  I saw that she already had FLOOR #1 button pushed and that was where I was going, too.  I smiled and said, “I’m going to Floor One, also.”

After that I  began to get lost in my own thought.  Just as we were getting to our floor, I heard an almost muffled voice, but noticeable and clear (if that makes any sense) say to me…”Thank you for your work.”  I kind of shook myself a little, because I wasn’t sure I heard this lady correctly and at first what she said to me didn’t make sense.  I looked at her and said “huh?”  It was then I really looked at her for the first time.

She never repeated herself, she just smiled serenely and as I looked in her eyes a glimmer, a light, if you will, seemed to pass across her eyes (it reminded me of the way car headlights look going across a window in a house at night).  They actually gleamed.

I was left speechless and suddenly very backward.  And without her repeating, I just inherently knew what it was she just had said.  I kind of stammered and said “Oh, uh, thank you.”  And I smiled.

The door opened for us to get off on Floor One, which I did.  But the lady stayed on.  When I turned back to look at her, she seemed almost a blur to me.  My mind was racing because I knew something had just happened here.  It seemed odd that she had my floor already pushed on the elevator when I got on as if that was the floor she was going to also, but she never got off.

All the women I worked with said it was an angel.  And then a soft, nudging voice said, “This was a thank you for the good works you’ve been doing.”  And I knew God had answered my plea, my cry to Him to erase all doubt, because his angel had been “in the face proof”.  More proof than what I could ever ask for.  I knew my job was to help others and put their needs first.

Any time my creeping doubt would work its way in, something always made me remember, my angel that briefly touched me during my time of doubt.  God had me then and forever.  Thank you.

This story was submitted by “G.M.”  from Maryland

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