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Can You Manifest Miracles By Feeling Good?

by on Feb.15, 2011, under Comments from Sally

Here’s a letter I recently received from Gary Evans, the author of Manifest A Miracle.  I wanted to share it with you because I have many, many personal experiences on a daily basis that seem to verify what he says in this letter.  Hope you find benefit from it and start finding ways to just plain feel good!

Here’s the letter from Gary:


Hi Sally,

When I first heard that in order to manifest your hearts desires
all you have to do is simply ‘feel good’ …

I didn’t believe it.

I thought that there had to be something more to it. I thought that
it was simply too easy to work. And after all, I’d felt good before
but never seen money come into my life, or my perfect relationship!
So I dismissed that idea pretty quickly.

It wasn’t until I saw the same message keep cropping up over and
over again until I finally started to take notice.

Joe Vitale summed it up in just 2 lines in his book, The Attractor
Factor, and said that if you can just feel good then everything
you’ve been wanting would begin pouring into your life.

‘Feeling Good’ is the core teaching of Esther and Jerry Hicks who
have been helping millions of people since the 80’s.

That got me thinking….

Why do you think these people would make such a statement??

The truth is that ‘feeling good’ really is all you have to do. I
now understand this because I’ve practiced it.

You see… when you feel good for 10 minutes, but for 50 minutes you
feel negative. The dominant vibration that you send out is one of
negativity. This negative vibration that you emit goes out to the
universe more than a positive, fast vibration of feeling good.

Think of it like this…

If you run your hot tap on your bath for 10 seconds, but then close
it and add cold water for 50 seconds…

Would the bath contain hot or cold water?

Most likely it would be cold, going on luke-warm!

This is the same with your manifestations. They are most likely
sporadic in nature unless you can maintain that hot water.

Eventually, if you keep adding hot water, then the bath tub will
overflow and dilute the cold water until you’re left with a nice hot
‘feel good’ bath :-)

And that really is all there is to manifestation.

The more consistent you can be with ‘feeling good’ then the more
consistent your manifestations will be. Before long, you’ll find
yourself thinking of something you want, then you won’t give it
another thought and you’ll see it manifest into your experience.


Because you’ll be emitting high and fast vibrations of ‘good’ which
will continue to attract ‘good’ into your life effortlessly.

If you don’t believe me – try it.

Test this stuff out, just like I did.

You’ll be amazed at what you can experience.

Feeling good the majority of the time and effortlessly thinking and
focusing about things you want and then SEEING those thoughts
materialize is an incredible experience.

In fact – it is the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had and will
continue to have all of the time because I do not allow anything to
make me feel negative thoughts any more.

(Okay … the odd 1 or 2 might still slip in there, but the
majority of the time I feel great!!)

What can you do, right now to feel good?

Don’t think of things you can do tomorrow, or later on tonight.
What can you do, RIGHT NOW?

– Make a list of everything you like about your partner?
– Go for a walk in the woods?
– Do a good deed for someone else?
– Read a good book?
– Meditate?

Whatever it is that can make you feel good is what you should be
doing all of the time. Forget about the stresses and strains of
life. That stuff is just called ‘what is’.

Here’s a nugget of reality for you….

If you continue to stress and worry about events in your life then
you are going to attract more of it – it’s as simple as that!

If you can feel good, NOW, then you’re energy will shift and you
will begin to attract more things you associate with being good.

Talk soon,

If you think you  might need some pointers or a little help on how to actually”feed good” that is if you’ve forgotten how, I suggest you download a copy of Gary’s book How To Manifest A Miracle and start turning you life around faster than you could possible imagine.

How to... Manifest a Miracle
Then, of course, I’m going to want you to come back here and start sharing the miracles that pop up in your life so you can inspire others to do the same.

Happy Manifesting!

Sally Sanford

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    God’s Delay Is Not His Denial

    by on Feb.14, 2011, under Job Related Miracle Stories, Power of Prayer Miracle Stories

    I have been unemployed for most months of 2010. At first, it was by choice that I left my job, then after entering the workforce again in only 2 months, our office closed and I found myself out of work again.

    By this time, my husband and I were concerned that should my situation continue, our future can end in uncertainty. I’ve always prayed to God although admittedly, not regularly, but when the time came for me to start my job search, I started my novenas and daily rosaries.

    After a few job rejections, I started feeling downhearted. I continued to pray but doubt started to creep in that I only got interviewed but never got hired. I became frustrated and thought that God won’t answer me.

    Around noon one day, I started to prepare for an interview scheduled in the afternoon. That morning, I attended an interview and although it went well, I expected that I would get rejected as I had always been. Feeling “down-spirited”, I prayed to God to guide me as I go on another interview.

    I said that I will persevere in the job search but if He would be so merciful to answer my prayer for my husband’s sake as he is more worried than me about my situation. My words were: “God, please end my husband’s suffering.”

    I then opened my Bible at random and it opened at Isaiah 62 “God’s spirit is in my heart.” It spoke of God’s good news to the oppressed. The reading renewed my spirit and thanked Him for inspiring me as I go into another interview.

    Not 5 minutes later, I received a call from the person who interviewed me in the morning and offered me the job. I immediately called my mother who told me she was praying a novena to St. Pancratius for intercession in my job search and that it worked for 2 other people before me. St. Pancratius is the patron saint of the unemployed and the youth.

    I just want to say that God does answer our prayers and His delay is not His denial. I hope other people get to read this especially those in the same situation as myself and renew their hope and always remember that God and His Saints are here for us. Praises and thanks to God who never loses faith in us.

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      I Let God Have Total Control

      by on Feb.12, 2011, under Healing Miracles Stories, Near Death Miracle Stories, Power of Prayer Miracle Stories

      On may 28, 2008, my life changed. I became mysteriously ill. My whole body was swollen, blurred vision with swollen shut eyes to the point I couldn’t see, fluid all over my body. I was at two hospitals. In one of them, the medical workers made several mistakes with my care also causing a severe injury to my right arm and hand.

      Their were several physicians and specialists working hard to diagnose my condition. All kinds of test, ultrasounds, scans, x-rays, but they couldn’t figure it out. From may 28, 2008 to august 12, 2008 was how long I stayed in the hospital. I was really ill and sick to the point where I didn’t think I was going to make it. I’m tearing up as I type because it was an emotional roller coaster but a spiritual journey.
      Although everyone was puzzled about my condition, even me, I knew that the one thing for sure was that God, my Lord and savior was in control of my life. As I laid there in that hospital bed day and night, I prayed, meditated and spoke to God reflecting on my life, trials and tribulations.

      I believe I had an out of body experience with a peaceful bright light pure moment. I made up in my mind that I was going to let go and let God! I started making peace and preparation mentally to God that if it was my time to go in his plan, I will trust him.

      That being said, I knew my life had purpose and that he wasn’t through with me yet. When I let God have total control, I started to make progress and improve. Giving God high praise for His grace and mercy for me. All the prayers from family, friends the medical staff and complete strangers helped throughout this ordeal.

      I don’t know why I suddenly became so ill that year, and doctors not giving me a diagnosis, but I trust God’s plan because I never would have made it without him and his son Jesus! There’s a saying that “God works in mysterious ways and he’s a miracle worker”. I know because I’m a living testimonial miracle, thank you God, thank you Jesus!

      I just wanted to tell my story and testify to others to have faith in God’s plan! Thank you for listening!

      This miracle story was submitted by “C.R.” from TN

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        The Power of Many Prayers

        by on Feb.08, 2011, under Healing Miracles Stories, Power of Prayer Miracle Stories

        When I closed my eyes that evening I didn’t know I would spend most of that month fighting for my life. The story I want to share is the power of a prayer or maybe in my case the power of a hundred prayers. It was not until 22 days later that I was told the whole story by my husband, family and medical personnel. Here is the story that has truly been called a miracle by the nurses and doctors.

        It was Tuesday morning, and I was not in the best of condition. I was told that I would be placed on a respirator because it was inevitable that it would be necessary. At 8am I was sedated. The doctors and nurses struggled to place the breathing tube down my throat. They could not get the tube down my throat.

        They proceeded to try my nose and still had trouble but eventually managed to break through and successfully place the tube inside my lungs. My husband remembered the sound of the respirator turning on and all the beeps and thumping of the vent which now controlled my breathing.

        It was now Wednesday and the doctors approached my husband to inform them that they feel ARDS was affecting my lungs and there was a 80% mortality rate. My lungs were hardening and was not easily excepting the life saving oxygen. I was still struggling to fight this infection that had started to shut my organs down. The antibiotics were not helping and my system went septic.

        My lungs filled with fluid and my body swelled to 50 extra pounds of fluid. My eyes turned yellow. I was taken for exploratory surgery to rule out gallbladder concerns. I was poked and a sample of my bone marrow was also taken to be tested for cancer.

        My husband and coworkers along with some people I really did not know but who knew of me stopped in. Some asked my husband if they could say a prayer over me, others informed him they placed my name in their church prayer group to pray for me. Even some came and grabbed my husband’s hand and said a prayer. Cards with co workers names arrived as each mentioned how they will pray for me.

        It was Friday that my husband made a decision to send me to a larger hospital with better ability to get lab results back and a hospital with more specialist available to me. The doctors agreed and soon the calls went out. Suddenly I started to take another turn for the worse.

        My liver was shutting down, my spleen was enlarged, and last my kidneys were no longer functioning correctly. A nurse rushed in and explained to my husband that, my condition was far more serious and they would do everything in their power to keep me alive throughout the night. As they rushed platelets of blood in one after another my husband was told to drive to U of L hospital. Life flight was going to jet me to this hospital. I was rushed to my room and was being monitored throughout the night.

        I am not sure what came over me, other than a miracle. It was just a short 10 days when I woke up. My body lost 40 pounds of fluid, my tube feeding removed, my eyes opened, and my throat sore from the vent tubes. My body, so weak, unable to walk, talk, or use my arms or fingers.

        The doctors and nurse all stated that I was a miracle. No one really expected me to live. I have to believe, it was the prayers of so many friends, family and co workers, and even people who I didn’t even know.

        This miracle story was submitted by “M.S.” from MI.

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