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God Allowed Me To Live Three Times

by on Sep.19, 2007, under Angel Miracle Stories, Healing Miracles Stories, Near Death Miracle Stories, Power of Prayer Miracle Stories

God allowed me to live three times.

The second time was in July, 2000.  I’d been really sick for months and months and all I could eat was yogurt and fruit cocktail and green beans.  I was in the hospital  in June 2000 for 10 plus days.  I passed bile from both ends for most of those days.

The Chief of the hospital told my husband and me that it was my gall bladder, but they couldn’t operate because my gall bladder wasn’t showing up as bad.  I signed myself out because I decided I could go home and die.  They weren’t doing anything for me there.

By the end of the next month, July, 2000, I went to a doctor’s appointment and my white blood count went to 20,000.  The first time I’d been hospitalized in June, it was 15,000.  I’d also like to say, the first time I went into the hospital, I’d driven myself there and had my father-in-law with me because it was his appointment day, not mine.

My doctor saw me in the waiting room and asked me what I was doing there and I told him I brought my father-in-law for his appointment.  He said while you are here, let me check your white blood count, and that’s when it was 15,000.

My father-in-law was stranded.  It was about an hour and a half drive from home so my husband had to come get my father-in-law.  Then, on the July visit, I’d had an appointment with the eye doctor.  I was out of my acid reflux medicine and went to my clinic to have it refilled.

My doc came out and said while you are here, let me check your white blood count.  It was 20,000 and again, I drove myself to the hospital.  My doctor informed me that there were no surgeons on duty at the VA hospital and he transported me to a civilian hospital (Rowan) there in Salisbury.

The doctor was waiting for me in the ER.  He immediately sent me for an ultra sound and gave me a Demerol shot because by the time they finished the ultra sound which is not painful at all, it did leave me in pain because of the pushing of the instrument on my stomach around the gallbladder.

When the Dr. came in, he asked me if I had any family with me and I said no, but my husband was on his way because my VA doctor called him.  The Dr. said it was my gall bladder and he said he was going to try to do my surgery the next day in the morning, but if he could get the crew together he wanted he’d do it at midnight.  At the time he told me this, it was approx. 4:30 pm.

He kept coming in and asking me if my husband had gotten there yet.  I said no.  Finally at 5:45 pm, my husband arrived and my Dr. came in and asked if it was my husband.  I introduced the Dr. to my husband, they shook hands and the Dr. said kiss her good-bye we are going in now to take her gall bladder out.

That was a far cry from midnight or early in the morning.  He explained to my husband that it was a 45 min. surgery and I’d be in recovery about that long and if I did well, I could go home the next morning and he said if my gall bladder wasn’t inflamed he was going to use laser.

While on the operating table, both my lungs collapsed, my gall bladder was gangrene, and ruptured and dead.  I also got pleurisy and pneumonia in both lungs.  When the surgery was over, the Doctor told my husband I was not going to make it. I had to go on life support for a few days, then when I wasn’t doing much better, they went ahead and took me off. They never even bothered to put me in ICU.

By the grace of God, I lived and I got out of the hospital 8 days later.  The Lord has been good to me.  That was not my first miracle for myself.  My first miracle happened years before, in 1976 I had a head-on collision going 60 mph.

I lived and had a broken neck, but didn’t know my neck had been broken until over 20 plus years later.  I knew I was hurt at the time, but there was no technology to see a hairline fracture in 1976, like there is today.  My head bobbed like the little dogs that people have in their cars.

I praise God for both those miracles and for the one I just got.  And the most recent miracle came just a month ago.  There were 2 nodules found on my left lung that the doctor thought was suspicious.  The “C” word was never used.  I went into the hospital on Aug 16, and had the surgery to remove those nodules that day.  I had to go on life support because it was my lungs they were operating on and the ventilator helped me breathe until I could do it on my own.

I got through the surgery just fine and the nodules were benign, praise the Lord!!!  I did alright for a couple of days off the life support.  But, after that, I couldn’t breathe right and I had a fever of 104, they packed me in ice and I caught sepsis and also pneumonia and was put on life support again.

I saw angels in my room, 3 on the right side and 1 on the left side of my room, and I saw white angels guarding the gates of Heaven and I saw the most beautiful white light coming out of the top of the gates that these huge angels were guarding.

It was a gut wrenching experience because God allowed me to live and He also allowed me a glimpse of glory. It was so amazing that the first week I tried to talk about it, I couldn’t do it without crying and sobbing my heart out.

The doctors gave me a 50-50 chance. Because of the Lord and His love for me, His child, I lived. I love the Lord with all my heart and soul.  I was in the hospital for about 16 days with 14 of them in ICU.  I give all the glory to the Lord for loving me enough to let me live through all these things.

I also praise Him for allowing me to have angels to watch over me and protect me and I am so blessed to be able to see a glimpse of Heaven.  God is truly wonderful and loving and kind.  Most of all, He is real, very real and I was on lots of prayer lists and I feel like every prayer that went up for me is why I am here today recuperating.

These three miracle stories were submitted by “L.C.” in MS

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    Miracles Do Happen! I run marathons now.

    by on Sep.07, 2007, under Personal Transformation Miracle Stories, Sports Miracle Stories

    I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis in April of 2003.  Before then I was not very active and I didn’t like any sports that involved any type of running, like soccer or basketball.

    When I became ill I could not walk very well because my knees were very swollen and everything hurt. I found myself using the handicap restrooms.  I had never realized how important those hand rails are or even the height of the toilet seat, but without those modifications I would have had a more difficult time taking care of myself.

    Being unable to carry my four month old daughter up and down the stairs at our two story house was very hard to deal with and not being able to kick a ball to my six year old son at the park when he rolled the ball to me left a lasting impression in my heart that I will carry forever.

    At thirty four years old the rest of my life looked very challenging.  But for some reason about five months later I went into full remission, and luckily I had no permanent joint damage.  MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!

    When my health got better I decided to be a bit more active, at the time I was taking care of my kids as soon as I got off of work, and my wife was working late so I needed some activity that was the most time effective for me and running just made sense.

    I started with a run around the block, and made it about fifty feet before I became winded and started walking, I continued walking around the block never running again. The next day I tried it again, this time I made it about seventy five feet and then walked again the rest of the way around the block.

    With that twenty five foot increase in one day it was enough motivation to keep trying until I ran around the whole block without stopping. Build and build and stay positive. I kept running one block, then two, then three, than four and kept looking back everyday on yesterdays accomplishments to go farther the next day.

    Soon I was up to about 2.5 miles a day!  It was amazing what I accomplished in such a short time. I ran everyday for about sixty days and then one day on the internet I came across a marathon in Las Vegas on the famous strip.  The strip would be closed for the first time.  Running on the strip excited me, but I knew I was not even close to being able to run 26.2.

    I knew I needed great help in this endeavor and with that thought I went to the book store and did research on the internet. I was a little scared about my health; being in remission from RA, I didn’t know if such stress on my body would trigger a relapse or if my joints were strong enough.

    I purchased several books for marathon training and started to read them and I still had not made up my mind about trying 26.2. I decided to stick my neck out and I signed up for the new Las Vegas Marathon.  It was eight months away.  With book training alone I started the journey, following the training to the letter.

    But as soon as the long runs started to increase, my knees and calf muscles were too sore even with days off in between to continue at that training pace.  So I shortened my mid week runs to two five-mile runs and kept the long runs at the end of the week–the same as in the book–and it worked.

    I ran my first marathon in Las Vegas December 2005 with a finish time of 5:06:05.  It was the most uplifting experience in my life and to know the feeling of accomplishment for such a great task and all the challenges along the way to get there made the moment priceless for me.

    NOW I RUN MARATHONS !! December 2006 I ran Las Vegas again with a finish time of 4:13:41, and I  ran San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon in June of 2007 with a finish time of 4:35:40 and again I am doing Las Vegas Marathon in December 2007 where this journey first started.

    Now I am hooked. Staying positive along the journey and now looking back I know miracles do happen !!!  My running story is in a running catalog that runs in fall of this 2007).

    This miracle story was submitted by “F.B.” from CA.

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